Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Asda's Langley Mill Roundabout To Open ... One Day!

After interrogating a poor unsuspecting chap - who isn't so unsuspecting, and is by now used to us questioning him - while he was putting up a notice to say that the footpath to the bridge was now open [two days late as most of RG Groups notices]. We think we managed to get the information we wanted about Langley Mill's roadworks:
  1. The tarmac is to be laid tomorrow.
  2. The white lining will be done Friday.
  3. The road will open, ooooh sometime after that - presumably when the paint is dry. So - um, later on Friday then? ... Or, Saturday? Er Sunday? Next week? ... When Asda opens? [8th November]
Apparently, and I can't quite remember where I heard this [yes I can, what a huge fib!]. It's the council that's been holding things up with the roundabout. I presume they must have had a very good reason seeing as they know [or should know] that the children are now back at school. Cromford Road wasn't open for 3.30 this afternoon [as it has been lately], so people had to turn around at the bottom of Bridge Street to go back to join the queue to get onto the A610 - not a lot of fun and an enormous waste of time ...

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