Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Heanor Haulage Residential Development 2013

I received a letter from AVBC the other day telling me that the extension to the time limit for the Heanor Haulage development had been passed, did they honestly think I didn't already know??

My views were taken into account before the decision was made but it was agreed with the chairman of the planning board that the application should be GRANTED (in capitals) blah blah blah.

Seeing as I didn't object to this application in any way, shape or form, this only confirms what I already thought of AVBC, which is that they ignore everything anyone has to say - for or against - as a matter of course, and my email was consigned to the bin.

There are still to be only a maximum of six houses to be accessed from Dean Street so these poor dears aren't too disturbed, whereas we on Bridge street are to have the other possible fifty house tagged on to our street. It's not like we've got enough problems with Asda disturbing us through the night with their deliveries, along with whatever idiot they employ in the loading area who thinks it's a good idea to prepare for each delivery by throwing pallets and cages around.

Then there's the teenagers up and down, up and down, up and down, hour after hour, presumably having been evicted from Asda ... occasionally being chased by police. Where do their parents think they are at 2.00, 3.00 and 4.00 in a morning? Hmmm, I wonder how the poor residents on Dean street would cope with that disturbing their cosy little lives?

Then there's the people who park on Bridge Street who shop at Asda and the post office ... we were promised this wouldn't happen, well it DOES! This road isn't wide enough now for two way traffic with parked cars, can you imagine it serving another fifty houses?

Before any other operations are commenced - 'a new estate street connections are to be formed to Dean Street and Bridge Street'. You know, I don't know why they're bothering them at all on Dean Street, is it worth it for six houses? One of the few things I mentioned in my email to AVBC - which was obviously taken into consideration - was a one way street linking the two streets, not what we really want but it's a better idea than the one they've come up with.

They've got to remove the contaminated ground properly this time (as they should have done before) and presumably not just dump it all next to the railway lines ... this is mainly what I wrote to the council about. I wasn't objecting to the houses, so why this actually needed taking into consideration before it was passed is beyond me as it should have been a matter of course - as it should last time - but some people are above the law, greedy and do things on the cheap, and I wanted to emphasize that NOTHING should be dumped anywhere.

Anyway, the one good bit I found out is that before they start on the houses behind us they've still got to finish building Asda (done) and Heanor Haulage's workshop and offices (not done) ... and they've still got to make a temporary road through from Wesley Street - which Asda seem to own - I bet they're pleased.

There is much more in the letter - ten pages actually - but it's boring, if I think anything else needs adding over time then I will do so - yawn ...

Friday, 25 January 2013

January 2013 Updates in our bit of Langley Mill

Mostly by ALI and just a bit of me:

It seems that this bad weather has sent all the workmen scurrying indoors, as it has gone very quiet around the Asda island over the past week or so.

So will the three weeks allowed be enough to get all the work completed as the McDonalds opening day draws near?

It's rumoured that McDonalds is opening the first week in February, they've been working very late most nights the past week so it shows that the deadline is fast approaching!


Just been looking on the AVBC Planning website about the submission for The Mill Pub.
It's now only 6 Flats and the number of parking spaces are for 13 vehicles max.
I found these 2 headings 2.8 and 3.12 amusing:

2.8 Since it has been vacated the building has been subjected to vandalism and also suffered fire damage. The appearance of the building in its current state is an eyesore particularly in the light of the new development that has taken place on the opposite sides of the roundabout.

Don't you think WE have noticed that too!

And Landscaping 3.12 The site is currently all hard surfaced. The majority of the site would remain hard standing including the rear car park. It is intended however to include a small area of planting on the north west corner of the site adjoining the entrance to enhance the appearance of the site.

Does this mean we will see the demise of our beloved 'tyre trailer'?

Looking at the plans drawn up by Peart Bradley Architects, they look good, but I'm a bit unsure why the project is titled 'The Station Pub, Langley Mill'? .... (ooooh, yes so it is)

Back to me:
I noticed on the application that it is noted that 'the premises may reopen as a drinking establishment without requiring planning permission as this use is longstanding' ... but the opening hours for whatever retail units are proposed is 8.00am-9.00pm Mon-Sat and 10.00am-4.00pm Sun ...

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Alternate Day Fasting Over Christmas

So far I haven't changed my meal times as mentioned in my last post because the weather got warmer and I haven't been as cold as I was during the day. Knowing British weather, this is apt to change at a moments notice.

I decided - because I'm a good girl - that I would stick with ADF over Christmas and new year by juggling my days ... hmmm yes, rather because I was too afraid of the consequences otherwise.

Therefore on Christmas week my weekend (diet-wise) was Tuesday and Wednesday, New Year week it was Monday and Tuesday. I didn't restrict my eating or drinking at all these days although I was slightly more careful on my other up days and positively saintly on my down days.

I'm pleased to say that even though I came fairly close, I still didn't need any over-acid stomach remedies. Considering the richness of the food I ate this is brilliant!

Over in our ADF group on Facebook, it's fair to say that the vast majority of us let our hair down - and loosened our belts - completely forgetting about fasting for the time being and simply enjoyed the holidays.

The results were obvious, they gained weight and I didn't - buffs up halo until it glows - however, they have since lost their Christmas weight gain and I'm still stuck on a plateau all by myself.

The conclusion that I can draw from this is that it does you good to forget all about calorie restricting for a short while, as any damage done is as quickly undone ... with the added bonus that you've thoroughly enjoyed yourself.

It also seems to have kick-started the weight loss again for one or two people who have gone several weeks and stayed the same weight ... like me :'(

I wish I could let myself have a week off to try it but I daren't - I have an enormous guilt complex and an obsessive nature - even on our honeymoon I juggled my days around so I only missed one fasting day - the only one I've missed since the 8th August - and I only justified that because I'd previously done two double down days in one week.

If I don't lose any more weight by this weekend then I'll have to try shaking things up with the threatened fast-5 or I'll literally do ADF without my 'weekend' off, giving me an extra down day a fortnight ... or I could stop eating Christmas cake, mincemeat muffins and chocolate on my up days.

Weight loss over five months ... still 35lb ...


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