Friday, 11 December 2009

Langley Mill Asda/HH Rumours

Some people may think I’m deluding myself when I write about rumours. What they’ve got to remember is that this is just a blog, the main function of which is to amuse myself and my friends.
It is true that some rumours cheer me up, while others can annoy me. But this doesn’t mean I believe every ‘Asda in Langley Mill’ rumour I’m told. If that were the case, then over the last year I would have written the following as facts -
  1. Bridge Street, Dean Street and Queen Street would all be demolished.
  2. Langley Mill's Asda would be HUGE!
  3. The car park for Asda would be accessed from Bridge Street.
  4. Bridge Street would collapse once demolition starts.
  5. The Mill pub was being demolished to make way for the new roundabout.
  6. The roundabout couldn't go there because of the pumping station across from the pub.
  7. The top third houses on Bridge Street would have compulsory purchase orders.
  8. All the shops between The Acorn Centre and the bottom of Bridge Street had been offered up to £1 million each.
  9. The car sales had been sold to Asda for £2 million.
  10. Heanor Haulage had been sold for £12 million.
  11. Heanor Haulage is closing.
  12. Heanor Haulage is moving to Ilkeston.
  13. Heanor Haulage is going back to Heanor.
  14. Heanor Haulage is staying put.
  15. Heanor Haulage is going to Belper.
  16. Heanor Haulage is moving to the old railway sidings.
  17. Heanor Haulage is moving to the other side of Ilkeston.
  18. Heanor Haulage is moving to China. [OK I made that one up]
It doesn’t matter who you talk to around here, we’ve all heard such and such from so and so. And so and so knows thingybob, who has her hair done at wheresits at the same time as doo dah. Who just happens to have been on holiday with whatyamacallher, and she heard it from their Gertie, whose sister in law is second cousin to Fred! So it must be true - who the bloody hell is Fred? - and we’re all as bad as one another.
I just sift through the rumours and write about the ones I like or dislike - depending on my current mood. I don’t actually believe anything until either Asda or the council write to us - and then I take some convincing, but that’s because of the council’s past performance of not telling anyone that HH was coming here in the first place.
So until I see something [official] in writing or the completed Asda and Heanor Haulage buildings - or lack of, then I won’t believe what I’ve written - it won’t stop me writing it though …


  1. Yes Grumpess, I think Heanor Should stay put, in the unlikely event that they decide to move on who then will be your favourite moan, Asda? In other districts Asda have been known to be noisey buggers, 24/7 at that, wow Grumpess, the powder monkey liveth.

    Taverna Ted xx.

    P.S. Grumpess, I'm a rookie to this tinter lark, please explain "select profile." Who knows? Our friendly paths may cross again.

    Oh dear Grumpess, it won't Post to you, I have to make a choice in Select profile, how about Anon?

  2. Oh I do hope our paths cross again!

    Don't worry about me running out of things to moan about. I strongly suspect that in the unlikely event of HH and their annoying 24/7 tenants [PMB Pallet Express] going completely, then I'm sure Asda will feature very high on my 'grumpometer'.

    Anon will do fine, if I didn't allow anonymous, I'd be completely lacking in comments and then I'd feel totally ignored.

    I like the 'Grumpess' I may adopt it.

  3. lol now this i like anyone got views on tesco rippin down their bloody petrol station only reason i gota a tesco card (points do come in useful) like u said staff at tesco say petrol stationn goin next to dole office not exactly great easy access but then next person tells u they not bothering with it.....wouldnt it be good if these businesses put a notice up lol but then again wot would we have to gossip about hahaha


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