Thursday, 24 December 2009

Curiosity Getting the Better of Me

I have to wonder - because I’ve developed some grumpy old nosiness - why someone in Derby looks at my blog. Often more than five times a day. Sometimes very early in the morning, then at odd times throughout the day, occasionally again around midnight and last night at 2.05am, don’t they ever sleep?

I’ve even found myself thinking, ‘Oh poor Derby, they must be bored stiff if they’ve looked at my blog again’ - more often than I’ve checked my statcounter [ahem, this is a biggish fib - see above about my nosiness] - ‘and I haven’t written anything for them to read, what shall I write about?’

Today is [possibly] your lucky day as it’s about you!

If you are a bored insomniac in the Derby area, ISP Be Un Limited, please say hello or leave a comment - it can even be a horrible comment - because this new found curiosity of mine is getting the better of me - anyway, whoever you are, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year …


  1. It's probably me? I check your blog quite often.

  2. It is you! Hello. I hope you didn't mind me giving you a mention and it won't put you off visiting my blog. As you can probably tell, I've had nothing to moan about today. :)

  3. Not at all, actually I live in Langley Mill, I first came across your blog when looking for news on the new Asda several months ago so I keep checking to find out if you've come across anything new or just to see what you've got to say for the day!

  4. The new Asda-to-be has somewhat taken over my life at the moment but I'm not finding out much, I need better informed spies. At this rate I'll have to start making things up! Shhh, we'll keep that a secret between us though.


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