Thursday, 29 December 2011

Revenge Is A Sweet Tooth

Or ... Santa Thinks I'm A Chocolate Munching Lush:

We had Christmas at home this year, just the three of us, my grumpy old man, pussy and me. We did our usual thing of opening one present an hour, this ensured I'd have the last one to open because I don't buy as much stuff for grumpy as he does for me ... this is only fair.
He did warn me beforehand that there were no expensive surprises wrapped up, but did I believe him? Hmm, yes ... but I half hoped that there'd be something sparkly tucked away somewhere. Don't you just hate being disappointed?

These three were missing during the photo-shoot
By the sixth hour/present, I began to detect a theme going here ... yes, I'd told everyone that:
  1. I didn't really need any presents [this does not include from my GOM]
  2. If they must buy me anything, then - please - not bath stuff.
  3. Ditto shower gels or body sprays - and we all know why.
Every single present I unwrapped - bar one - either involved alcohol [yum] or was covered in chocolate.

I have mentioned before how we do Christmas, and that grumpy doesn't actually want any Christmas presents, which up to now has always worked to my greedy advantage ... or so I thought.

You know, I've just been looking for the blog post that covers grumpy and his presents, when I came across another one that made me laugh out loud, I'd totally forgotten about it.

Then I came across this one. Hmm, having looked back ... I now realise that he's always bought me lots of chocolates and left the choice of something sparkly for me to buy [with my own loot]. So he is in fact probably a lot more cunning than I thought.

Anyway, for me, the best [non-alcoholic] present was from my pussy cat - a tin of cream crackers. This is because I don't have a sweet tooth - but I do know a man who has ...


  1. My grump receives his presents from his son wrapped in black "I hate Christmas" paper which he bought in an enormous roll and will last years! Most of his presents are bottle or choc box shaped too!

  2. Hi Susan,
    This year my hoard of chocolates just reached an all time high. Left to my own devices, they'd last me at least a year, I still have a box of Dairy Box unopened from my birthday in early November - but this is only because grumpy wasn't aware of its existence.

    Next Christmas I'll get him to buy ME lots of nuts [not fruit and nut chocolate], I love all unsalted nuts and could munch quite happily on them while he eats HIS OWN chocolates ...

  3. The calories and units of your alcopops can be felt way down here in Boozy Bucks. :)
    What a choice you have!
    To be a chocoholic or a....'tipple or five' of of Southern Comfort. And two botts of whisky, a gin and a Bailey's. Not to mention Bailey's non-alcoholic, slimline, choccies with non fattening centres! He,he.
    I too had no bubbles bath bits or 'smellies' this year, however, my pad does smell nice. Lets see, there's grilled Stilton cheese, mulled red wine, curried turkey soup and a scented candle called 'Holly leaf'!?!
    I do hope you have a wonderful New Year and make most of that boozy chocofest last, at least, several weeks.

  4. Hi Bernard,

    I've been very good really - easy regards chocolate, not so easy with alcohol - I haven't overindulged at all. I've decided I'm a bit boring. We've only opened the bottle of 'Teachers' - a large dollop of which has found itself in my latest batch of marmalade [I've been domestic goddessing, but it's tooooo boring to write about] - and we've started on the 'Ferrero Collection', Oh and grumpy has nearly obliterated all the choccie bikkies.

    You know ... I think we should have a chocobooze party to help us out.

    Hmm, smelly candles, I love 'em. And when the Stilton isn't required for my crackers, I make a wonderful Stiton & celery soup [recipe from my niece's mother in law]. I daren't tell you how many bottles of mulled wine I've got in stock, I used to 'mull' it myself but got idle.

    I hope that you too have a wonderful New Year and Happy Blogging ...

  5. Nice to see you wash down the chocolate with either Southern Comfort or Famous Grouse, amongst other delights !

    ALI (Gladstone St)


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