Friday, 8 February 2013

Illegal Car Wash and Smiths Flour Mill

Sorry about Asda's lollypop in the way

I've just received a couple of comments by 'Anonymous' on an old post about that heap of tat aka the Diamond Hand car-wash on the Railway Tavern car park. One comment was about the car wash and the other was about the rather hasty demolition of Smiths flour mill.

Because the post is so old I decided to remind you all that the car wash is still trading illegally, as well as making Langley Mill look like a cheap doss hole.


I have tried talking to the Parish Council about the illegal car wash but I might as well have been speaking to the ducks on the canal for all the sense you get from them.

Also spoke to AVBC Planning Dept in Nov 2012, Emailed them and rang again on Jan 13 but wasting my time. They're not really interested even though this is a clear breach of the law.

The chap I spoke to said he had written a letter to the owner a while ago but hadn't had a reply. Big wow, so that's it then ... he can sit back, job well done and wait for his pension.

Unfortunately the rest of us have to drive past this eyesore every day. It's a shame because Langley Mill was beginning to look better than it has done for years but this ramshackle excuse for a business adds nothing to the area and it's about time that those who's job it is to regulate these things actually did what we pay them for. ... Well said :)

lots more already come down further along
 Anybody noticed that the Smiths Flower Mill is currently being demolished, but on Amber Valley Planning Site it states that permission for demolition is not due until 04/04/2013 (AVA/2013/0103).

Work actually started before the application to demolish was even registered. The applicants form was signed 6th Feb and registered 7th Feb but work started before this. How is it possible for them to start demolition before being granted formal approval. Is it the funny handshake brigade at work again?
... More than likely :)

The new Smiths Flour Mill owners are Dogsthorpe Acquisitions Limited. I'm assuming it's the haulage/transport company of the same name based at Worksop. This assumption is partly based on the fact that Smith's is based there too. I am puzzled why Whitworths - who bought Smiths - need to look at my blog to find out how demolition is progressing. I will have to ask ALI for some photos sometime soon ...


  1. As a resident of Aldercar and Langley Mill I have read various post in this blog, and just asking the question to you regular posters have any if you thought about joining the parish council I've read on the notice boards about vacancies, why not try and do something about the issues soso often criticise in this blog

    1. I had considered it but was warned off by someone 'in the know' that I wouldn't last. If you don't agree with 'the clique', then it's made uncomfortable until you resign. So they just carry on co-opting their buddies on.

      The other - and main reason - why I didn't bother is that I'd miss at least 3/4 of the meetings because I try to avoid being in Langley Mill ... lucky for me, I've got somewhere to escape to ;)

    2. Totally agree with you about the farce we have had for far too long regarding the 'co-option process'.

      That is the first and most difficult hurdle to get over, that 'face doesn't fit' problem.

      I'd love to know when the last Parish Councillor was given the mandate from its parishioners by way of a VOTE ?


  2. Has anyone any idea of what will be happening to the site of the flour mill once demolished??

    It is a large site & I just wondered who owned it & what if any plans for it ??

    1. Just had a peep at AVBC Planning website to see if anything was happening on the Smiths Flour Mill site but nothing as yet, I think it could be well after the buildings have been cleared before things start to move on.

      One thing did puzzle me on the Planning website, it has suddenly changed from Kilometres to Miles.

      When you click on the "Within a radius of:"
      you now select from
      0.5 miles
      1 mile
      Now that sounds all well and good but when I was at school it was spelt 'metre' as in (unit of length in the metric system).

      What we have now is a possible choice of 500 gas meters or electric meters.

      I wonder if the staff check before changes are made Public websites, but I suppose Grammar has never had a high priority in todays society ?


    2. Now I see that the Planning Dept. website has reverted back to Kilometres from Miles, looks like they DO keep an eye on here, wonder if they had a few 'red faces' from others who spotted the error ?



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