Friday, 12 July 2013

Blame It On Facebook

I've been fairly worried lately about my total lack of blogging. Is my life so uninteresting - even to me - that I no longer want to share the funny bits?

It was when I read on another grumpy ladies blog that she'd been writing everything on Facebook that I realised that was happening to me too.

Instead of sitting at my laptop or computer trying to stretch out a brief moment - actually, it's trying to shorten it that I have a problem with - into a blog post, I found that I was reaching for the - ever handy - android, and instantly updating my friends about grumpy's latest misdemeanors using the Facebook app.

This is ok, but not ALL my friends are on Facebook (or indeed Twitter), and whilst I'm amusing them there, I'm neglecting those in the blogosphere.

This will be rectified in future because I'm going to update both my blog and Facebook simultaneously ... well I'm going to try. And if I find the time, I'll go through my past status updates and publish a selection of 'funny moments' ...