Monday, 18 February 2013

Langley Mill McDonald's Is DEFINITELY Open

... And an accident waiting to happen. Grumpy came back from Heanor last night, and cars from Eastwood were having to go onto his side of the road to get around cars queuing to get into McTrafficJam. As if that roundabout wasn't already bad enough :-/

We have to step over McRubbish just to get in the car.
McDonald's opened Friday morning 15th February ... and just in case you didn't know, it's a 24 hour McMunching parlour.

Their employees need to get around McLangley McMill and clean up their McLitter because the majority of under 40 year olds around here still believe in the litter fairies.

I wonder if the same people - we had a glossy magazine delivered yesterday - who found it 'so encouraging to see another empty space in our parish having an establishment built on it' will be out clearing up the McRubbish ... no? Thought not. And no-one has forgotten about the roadworks from the Asda build as is evidenced by frantic searches for the next spot of roadworks still made on my Mcblog.

Clearly whoever has been given the highly important task of writing the Mc24 hour McLeaflets that have been shoved through our letterboxes, telling us that ... 'The wait is over' needs a few lessons in basic English.

Our team have been busy making sure that your look McDonald's is brighter and comfier than ever. So now you can enjoy all your favourites in fresh, new surroundings with free WiFi - perfect!

It doesn't actually make sense as a paragraph, there may be a word missing, I suggest that it's NEW ... and I've decided not to mention the particularly annoying - to me - bit about team have/has. It really ought to have been written by someone who should OF known better. It also reads like it's an old McCrap that has been done up. Oh and Notthingham (back of the coupons) is incorrect.

There, I've had a spiffing time picking fault, it's quite made my day.

I've got nothing against McDonalds or any other fast food eatery. As far as I'm concerned they're all fine for a once every so often treat, but we're getting the same teenagers day after day passing by with what's left of their McLard breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner/tea/supper.

And no matter how McDonalds try to market their McFood as healthy, it doesn't exactly make for a balanced diet ... unless you use both hands of course ;)


  1. It should say Derbyshire on the back of the coupons to be correct. I however, will not be contributing to the litter problem, owing to the fact I will not be visiting.

    1. Anonymous, you are quite right. I was so busy being peeved at the grammar and spelling that I completely missed that it was indeed the wrong county :/

    2. Perhaps the leaflet was really designed to fill in your own word, I can think of quite a few !

      I'm feeling a little left-out here on Gladstone Street, not seen any sight of a leaflet being pushed through my letterbox yet !


    3. Well I agree I will not be visiting again after a very upsetting incident with the manageress of whom I am in the process of making a formal complaint against, I have never been so badly treated and spoken to. The manageress was abusive, unprofessional rude aggressive in her behaviour refused to give her name (no name tag) or the area managers name ?

  2. Hi Juleeewoolee, I'm sorry to have been away from everyone's blogs for so long - but my computer hard drive went 'belly-up' way back in in January. :(
    I've been completely cut orf from all my friends since then, and this is now my first attempt (with new blank hard drive) to re-establish connections. I only had to Google 'Langley Mill + grumpy' and lo and behold - I found you in one!
    (Not true actually - as I had a link to you from my blog site.) :)
    You are being very polite here about BigM. I thought they were unpopular with most people?
    You mention a visit as a 'treat'? Well, OK - for a party of screaming infants, but I can't say I fancy an unhealthy, greasy, hi-calorie, hi-salty offering at any of the 24 hours of the day.

    I feel a joke coming on -
    "Two American ladies were touring Wales when they decided to stop for a bite to eat in the village of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.
    One of them asked the waitress “Before we order, I wonder if you could settle an argument for us? Please can you pronounce where we are, very, very slowly?”
    The girl leaned over and said….


    1. Bernard ... there you are, I have missed you.

      Sorry to read of your problems, but so happy that you're back in the land of technology again :)

      I was quite restrained about the McCrap empire wasn't I? Alas, it appears that McArteryFurring was just what almost everyone in the area was waiting for.

      I confess that I did frequent fast food eateries in my very distant past and thoroughly enjoyed McGrease dribbling down my chin. But I stress it was probably no more than once a month (if that), whilst shopping in Nottingham.

      People probably have me down as some sort of killjoy, but I'm not (much). I do think we have to worry about the McFast route our future generations are taking towards obesity.

      Then there's the fact that very few of McTat's customers can throw their rubbish in a bin. You can't walk down our street without tripping over empty McCrap bags and cartons, and it's the same on the A610, people are just chucking it out of their cars ... why?

      Thanks for the joke, I bet you had to look up or copy and paste ... Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch ... No? you're good :)

    2. I heard a customer asking the same thing to a member of staff at our new establishment, only problem was she said 'Mangley Lill' !


  3. McLitter now radiates out from Langley Mill like a starburst. Is it worth us asking our Police and Crime Commissioner for data on the number of police prosecuted for littering in the area?

  4. Have the police been littering? I shamefully admit to being a customer, but I always put my litter in the bin. I found this site by accident when looking for Langley Mill post office, and I'm looking forward to finding out if there really is someone else locally who is as grumpy as me.

  5. With the demise of the flour mill and increase in fast food outlets, should the area not be re-named Langley Takeaway? Seems more fitting lately.


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