Tuesday, 31 March 2009

"Special Preview for local residents" tomorrow

I'm going to the preview evening, I'm interested to see what Asda's plans are - as are many others. I hope the plans they show us include what Heanor Haulage plan to do so then at least I'll know for sure what I need to moan about.

I for one don't think I can cope with Asda on the front and HH on the back, it's bad enough now with the noise, fumes and muck + the horrible view.

I've hardly slept since getting the letter from Asda 'regarding a planning application for a new store in Langley Mill' and noticing the bit that said - 'with Heanor Haulage relocating to new premises on part of their site.'

I'll no doubt be adding more to my 'grumpy blog' straight after the preview... as long as I haven't been arrested for setting fire to the part of the plans that HH intend to move to.

The lorries are racing up and down the yard as I type, I can taste the dust, I suppose it's my own fault for actually having a window open, a bit inconsiderate of me to do that and then moan about HH's dust when it blows through don't you think?...

Monday, 30 March 2009

Sad Day

I've not been in a grumpy mood today, just sad.
My beautiful Yorkshire terrier Pippa died last evening, we had the funeral today.
She's buried under an apple tree, close to her sister Sheri, a golden labrador, there's also a duckling that a [ba***rd] crow killed last year, 3 budgies, 1 canary and several goldfish so she's in good company.
All the time we were digging a blackbird sang, it was lovely.

As with all funerals - yes, even pets - we felt much better afterwards but I still felt that I was in need of retail therapy to cheer me up. So the Grumpy Old Man and I went to JTF with friends and as usual bought a load of crap.

I've got to find somewhere to put all the extra unnecessary junk that I bought.
So NOW I'm starting to feel a bit tetchy!

Still sad though...

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A bit more 'Asda in Langley Mill?' grumpiness

I am so looking forward to HH moving it's entire operation to the back of us, [if this is true] especially if the events of a few weeks ago are anything to go by.
There were two cranes, chugging diesel fumes from dawn until dusk [whether anyone was there or not]. They used one crane to build the other as it was in sections, then they played with it a bit [about three weeks] before finally dismantling it and loading it on to several trailers and I waved it bye bye.

I suppose the 'back yard' is ahem, tidier than it was, a lot of the scrap metal has gone so there's probably less danger of lumps of broken metal landing in our properties than there used to be - this did happen when something got caught in the crane chains, in my opinion they [then] operated far too close to the houses. Now we've mostly got trailers along the back wall, much safer. [I'd still prefer trees please]
Apart from the noise and diesel fumes there's the copious amounts of dust that blows over from the 'back yard'. When a lorry leaves the yard it whizzes off so fast that all you see is dust for the next ten minutes, then you get to taste it if it's blowing your way, yuck!
It's even better when they sandblast the trailers ready for a paint job, all that lovely extra dust and the NOISE!!! is horrendous, I was actually speaking to an environmental health officer on the phone during one of these sessions and I couldn't hear what he was saying, I think he heard me though because I was spitting feathers at the time!

At least Asda are showing us their plans, HH sneaked in one Sunday afternoon - inasmuch as lorries can sneak. Not a soul here knew they were coming, no notices, NOTHING - I wonder how that happened?

Right I've got that off my chest, do I feel any less grumpy? Well, yes actually, I do.

Oh, before I forget - I'd love an Asda in Langley Mill, with our own residents entrance and a personalised shopping trolley of course + [most importantly] Heanor Haulage relocated somewhere more suitable.

Oh dear, I'm off in la la land again - it's my age you know ...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Asda In Langley Mill?

So the rumours were true then.

At long last, after all the rumours of the last year, Asda have finally put me out of my misery [I think not - this is a grumpy blog] by announcing their plans for a supermarket in Langley Mill.

All along I've thought 'Yippee, if Asda come then HH will be leaving' - apart from one nasty rumour last July that HH was going to be staying at the back of us and spreading next to the railway - I ignored this rumour because I didn't like it, hmm ...

Now Mr HH has made a statement saying that they may just move round to their 'back yard' which is at the back of our back yard. He wants his cake and to eat it! [yes, I know it's a stupid saying.

We peasants, sorry I mean residents have been invited to view the plans for Asda next Wednesday evening - 1st April, 2 days ahead of the public viewing....

More grumpiness is bound to follow...