Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Asda in Hucknall?

Well, it's only taken just over two years since I first suggested that Asda probably plan to build at Hucknall.

Oh dear Asda, have I spoilt your surprise? Well, GOOD. I plan to annoy you as much as your Langley Mill store annoys me - with their effin squeaky gates and the wa**ers they employ in the night to throw pallets about. They've only been asked four times - by us - to get the bolts oiled.

And Johnston Press - go and find your own news and stop reading my blog.

Er, where was I before I got carried away? Oh yeah, Hucknall:

Now someone has started searching for info on Asda in Hucknall and tripped over my blog.

Actually I thought that everyone in Hucknall would know all this by now as I told my sister ages ago - she works in a bank there - and she doesn't do secrets.

It must have been in the pipeline for a while, because it accidentally got included on a map of nearby Asda's when Langley Mill's Asda bumf was dished out.

I've heard [from the same sister] that it's to be on Hucknall football ground - as they're getting a new stadium - but this is just a rumour.

And anyway, it's not really Asda's style. They tend to pick some really grotty brownfield site so they can tell everyone how they'll 'kick-start the regeneration' of wherever it is, blah, blah, blah, so there's very little objection to the planning application, except from the competition ...


Update 17th March 2013

The latest Asda in Hucknall rumours suggest that Tesco is selling their store to Asda because they want to build a bigger one - and there's already a lot of Tesco's in the area ... We'll see


  1. Hopefully the opening of Asda in Hucknall will be the death of Tesco, the robbing ba****ds.

    1. You sound just like my sister ... she's desperate for an Asda to open in Hucknall, Tesco hasn't got anywhere near enough competition. Good luck :-)

  2. Asda in Hucknall? BRING IT ON !


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