Saturday, 25 February 2017

Heanor Haulage Auction...

Hmmmm, I don't know what to think about the land surrounding us now my friend and neighbour has discovered Heanor Haulage is auctioning off their entire fleet of lorries - and stuff - next month ... to concentrate on warehousing and storage.

There have been men from both HH and Network Rail with clipboards twice this week and some stuff - not railway tracks - went on a lorry on Wednesday.

I'm expecting plans to go in again for the human rabbit hutches to be built behind us ... they've already got outline planning permission for the poky dwellings

And then there's the land - teenage dump ghetto - next to the railway lines which they deliberately contaminated with tons and tons of spoil - 3ft deep - bulldozed over the trees ... from when Asda was built. This was deemed the 'only area of ecological interest' in the reports - I read EVERYTHING - but was ... 'out of the area being built on, so was safe'.

It took me two reports to the council - there were fibs told after the first one about a little pile of spoil behind Asda, which ... 'We're going to move ASAP' - and several photos to get that sorted.

Three months later a group of men turned up with a digger ... the driver of which actually asked me if I wanted a photo of him for my blog ... I was in disguise and my camera was hidden under my coat at the time.

Twelve lorries - from several firms - came and went all day, every day for a week to do 'the remedial work' ... I never did find out where they took it. And then they had to plant hundreds of trees. Must have cost a fortune ... I hope...

Unfortunately by now the only area of ecological interest was gone ... and became a prime candidate for more hutches to be built on. The outline plans went in and then were withdrawn ... something to do with needing to sell some before they could afford the council bribe money - s106 - and they want to use our narrow 36 house street for all the new 118-ish dwelling hutchery when it's built

And then there's the bit between us and Asda. That was meant to be the HH workshop which didn't happen. We've not been threatened with anything else there ... yet.