Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I'm Still Here

Just in case anyone was at all concerned - Oh you weren't - I am still here. I have several blog posts partly written but haven't been in the mood to finish any ... But I will be back ;-)

I tiny update on things concerning a car wash on a pub car-park in Langley Mill - with no current planning permission - but which has now acquired ultra-bright advertising frills and several not so bright black bin bags piled up for extra tat effect.

Ahem, a fellow twitterer - and commenter on my blog - got the 'bit between his teeth' and made a proper tweeting nuisance of himself (my hero, ha ha) regards this car wash.

The upshot is that a councillor has made enquiries and now filled in an enforcement form about this pile of garbage using lots of - yes, I too hope they're on a meter - water in the centre of Langley Mill ...