Monday, 19 March 2012

The Real Pictorial Langley Mill

As opposed to the one our illustrious council would have you believe:

This is only the bit from the top of Bridge Street, over t'bridge, up Thompson Street, along Upper Dunstead Road (yes Aldercar) and finally back down Cromford Road, with a hint of Station Road thrown in at the end.

If you click on a photo it will open in the same window, click again and it'll be full sized.

This is just inside Heanor Haulage land, it's a disgusting mess which gets worse every day ... thanks to some of the chavviest Chavsda customers.

These shopping trollies are thrown from the bridge at the footpath ... they don't always reach.

The Trolley again ... time you had a locking mechanism Asda.

A lovely view under the bridge. I do believe this land also belongs to Mr Heanor Haulage ... It NEEDS tidying up!
A Langley Mill artist who either fortunately has a short enough name that he can spell it (twice) ... or was practising for 'The Sound Of Music'.

A bit more rubbish I passed on my way ... this is on a public footpath, not some secluded, hidden away spot.

Only the very best alcohol will do for our teenagers ... who sells it to them?

Nice airy roof ventilation, I don't know if this is just derelict or a listed building, but it's certainly leaning a bit ...or was that me?

I love the warning sign on this building ...
somewhat pointless by now.
The same building from the other side ... I think it's past its best.

Smiths Flour Mill, just about the only industry left in Langley Mill ... recently rumoured to be closing.
We've no idea who these containers belong to but they come and go ... Colson has been suggested, but why are they on a derelict pub yard?

Apparently squatters were responsible for setting fire to the insides of this ex-pub ... but no-one I know believed that's how it happened.

A bit of rubbish left over that the council either missed during cleaning up someone elses mess ... or is it a recent addition?

A close up of one of Langley Mill's most beautiful eyesores.

The car wash with no current planning permission to conduct business there ... and still it continues  nine months later.


  1. Replies
    1. Just noticed we know have 2 illegal car washes in Langley Mill, the one that opened up on Dean Street months ago has only just applied for 'retrospective planning approval' for their 'car valet business' 5 days ago (11th Oct.) according to AVBC Planning Dept. website. So much for following the legal rules and regs. ?

      ALI (Gladstone St.)

  2. Called Asda many times to collect lost trollies, gave up as they don't collect them. Suggested to Asda before store built, they put some form of locking or pound slot to trollies. Must be very profitable store to be able to give away trollies.

    1. We do see the odd Asda employee come up as far as the bridge to collect trolleys but I've never seen anyone go further. Maybe they think they'll vanish in a puff of smoke if they venture off of Asda's land :-)

    2. That's strange, I also suggested to Asda about trolley locks or pound slots. Looks like they didn't take the slightest notice of residents comments. We pay for lost trolleys in our shopping bills. Don't see any Home Bargain's trolleys around, that must be why they are nearly half Asda price on lots of items.

  3. This is an excellent Gallery of the true Langley Mill & Aldercar and I'm sure that many others could add to the long list of eyesores that litter this Parish of ours.

    I only hope that ALL of our Parish Councillors, especially those who do not live in the area, are able to spend a little of their valuable time looking over the whole of these photos, to get a true impression of what we 'locals' have to put up with.

    It's time that the Parish Council started looking around from their 'ivory tower' and saw how this area needs to be brought to task on its gradual decline and if Amber Valley BC needs to be brought in to sort out some of these visual problems then so be it and these Landlords/Owners of these properties must be brought to book on the terrible state that they are now in and the impact they are having on the area.

    Keep up the good work 'Grumpess', you're doing a fantastic job of highlighting the problems of the Parish - WELL DONE ! ! !

    ALI (Gladstone St.)

    1. Thanks ALI, there are more (better quality) photos that I've taken today ... with all the correct settings. I hadn't checked my camera before I went out that day and it was too bright to see anything once I was out there. Hence slightly washed out fuzzy pics. But I am still learning :-

      I won't hold my breath about us getting spruced up any time soon. I mean Aldercar and Langley Mill pay nearly the highest council tax per band - 5th highest out of 34 parishes - yet they openly describe us as one of the poorest areas in Amber Valley.

      So where is our money being spent? Maybe on broadband for those poor souls that live in beautiful surroundings or on our floral displays and pathetic Christmas lights.

      Whatever, it isn't being spent in Langley Mill.

    2. Yes I noticed when the Council Tax bill arrived last week, that we were only beaten by Alfreton, Horsley Woodhouse, Somercotes & Swanwick, but what I find unusual is WHY has the Parish Precept risen from £35.77 to £35.92, when ALL the other authorities on the Demand Notice has remained the same ?

      ALI (Gladstone St.)

    3. One of the containers in The Mill car park has had its rear door opened, probably by some local youngster who was just as interested as we all are to know what they have inside.

      It is FULL of used tyres of various sizes, from car tyres up to lorry size tyres, some of which have been removed and strewn the rear-end of the container. Still yet to find out what is in the other mystery box ?

      ALI (Gladstone St.)

    4. Interesting ... What's betting the other container is full of more of the same.

      I do hope these tyres aren't destined to be fly-tipped somewhere out of the way of prying eyes, as is often the case.

      And even worse when a criminal businessman makes £2.5 million doing just that, having caused an estimated £264,000 worth of damage. But after he was caught, he only had to pay back £122.

      It almost makes me want to do something illegal on a big scale, just to see what I can get away with ...

    5. LATEST:
      The Mill pub is again up for auction, just walked past the sign which must have gone up over the weekend, I'm sure it wasn't their on Friday morning.
      As for ASDA trolleys, I've just got on to AVBC to collect one left on Cromford Road outside the entrance the Smiths Flour Mill car park. Full of rubble in blue plastic bags and old tyres from a mountain bike.
      Asked about the rubble on a large blue tarpaulin on the footpath at the rear of the Mill pub and that is being delt with by Derbyshire CC, after I rang about it 5/6 weeks ago !
      ALI (Gladstone St)

    6. Details of auction available here
      I have to say, if I was a potential developer I would not give this property second look. Just ask yourself, what it could be turned into if it wasn’t developed as another pub or flats?
      The building needs an awful lot of money spending on it to become whatever it would eventually be, that’s after spending possibly a minimum £215,000 to obtain it.
      The position for anything else is not practical or inspiring; sat on a roundabout, next to a litter strewn not cared for part of the River Erewash, with Asda and the Mehran being neighbours. I have nothing at all against the Mehran, in fact I’ve used it many times in the past.

      If we have to have a Mc Donalds or any other fast food outlet then I would suggest being the lesser of the two evils, this is the building to convert, rather than build a new Mc Donalds opposite thus leaving The Mill standing being the derelict blot on the landscape that it is.
      The eyesore of The Mill would still be there and an on-going problem for how long?

      Ok a drive thru may not be achievable due to position but that’s not the end of the world, There are plenty of car parking facilities without having to park on zig zags, the bus bay, controlled crossing or double yellows like they do when collecting from “The Taste House”. At the moment the car parks in Langley Mill are free, even if you used the one at Asda or at the side of the Mehran, but you may have to walk a few yards to get to your destination/s.

      My other thought is accepting (even though we have no choice in the matter) the new Mc Donald build opposite The Mill.
      Get rid of the untidy, gaudy springing up everywhere carwash (already have Arc carwash in close vicinity) which will serve as ANOTHER car park used jointly for Mc Donalds, The Railway Tavern and The Taste House for those who don’t want to use the car park at the side of The Taste House.
      An additional advantage to this would be to remove the parking bays situated down from The Taste House outside the furniture shop, which would keep clear Station Road and make more room for traffic flow.

      I wonder what the long term development options for Langley Mill were prior to planning permission for Mc Donalds

  4. Sorry ALI,

    I've had to publish your comment this way because when I received the 'new comment left' email on my phone, I hit the wrong button ... tiny, tiny buttons and they think it's a good idea to put 'publish' straight above 'delete' :-\

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Real Pictorial Langley Mill":

    Just been informed this morning that The Mill pub remains unsold, as it failed to reach its reserve price at the auction yesterday. So now AVBC can go ahead getting the Owners to remove that damn container as it does not have planning permission to stay on the 'car park', or shall we see the return of its 'mate' filled with unknown goodies ?

    ALI (Gladstone St)

  5. AVBC ought to assert some authority and make the owner tidy the building up to a more presentable appearance, it will never sell as it is. The knowledge of a MC Donalds will also stall a sale.
    Think I will email councillor Parkinson tomorrow with the traffic light proposal

  6. Well The Mill pub is back in the headlines again for all the wrong reasons, in the early hours of Thursday 23rd August at around 5am the Derbyshire fire service were attending yet ANOTHER fire at the premises, this fire required the use of 3 appliances which included a 'high rise pump' to tackle the roof fire.

    Road closures caused severe traffic problems until after midday, finally getting back to 'normal' at 12.30. Now the inspection of the building starts and to possible causes ?

    Strange how this fire comes only a short time after the refusal to accept an offer just under the 'reserve' of £215K at the auction. If the building is in a fit and safe state NOT to require demolition is yet to be decided, many locals are hoping it WILL need to come down and rid this Parish of one of its MANY eyesores !

    ALI (Gladstone St.)

    1. Thanks ALI, I've copied your comment about the Mill Pub fire and made it into a blog post so you're at the top the page ;-)


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