Friday, 23 March 2012

Heanor Haulage - Still A Langley Mill Nuisance

Not Bad for a company that's supposedly left our village.

I was busy working this morning when I heard that bloody HH crane start up. 'Here we go again' I thought. Mr HH regularly comes to play with his toy, just to make sure it works. Sometimes he actually uses it to move stuff, but nine times out of ten, it just sits there chugging out horrendous fumes. This means that:
  1. I have to rush around closing windows.
  2. Swear out loud when I remember my sheets are hanging outside.
  3. Run outside to fetch the sheets in.
  4. Swear again when I realise it's too late, they're already impregnated by filth and fumes.
  5. Sit muttering to myself about loss of earnings.
  6. Get really bad-tempered and start 'twittering'.
  7. Publicly (twitter) threaten what I'm going to do to that pile of junk.
  8. Start a headache.
  9. Feel sick.
  10. Tell all of the above to my grumpy old man when he returns.
  11. Try to continue working.
  12. Throw bits of work across the room because the fume-induced headache means I can't see what I'm doing (squinty, serious work).
If this gets lit while I'm at home
I cannot vouch for the safety of the crane

The crane was running to itself for probably 40 minutes while Mr Heanor Haulage and his buddy went around collecting more wood for their bonfire to be.

As is my wont when I'm in a foul temper - mostly caused simply by being in this hovel ... and I'm referring to Langley Mill here - I went around the perimeter of Heanor Haulage and took some lovely photos.

Getting back to my moan about this BLOODY crane, my main annoyance is because it's right near our houses, when there's a huge amount of empty space it could be in. Thus no matter whether he actually uses it for lifting - or just fannies about with it as usual - it is always puthering super-filthy fumes and muck for the first ten minutes or so, and should be well away from us.

Plus when Asda and MR HH got permission to foist an Asda upon us, one of the biggest changes for Mr HH, was that ALL THEIR OPERATIONS WOULD HAVE TO BE IN AN ENCLOSED BUILDING WITH THE DOORS SHUT!

So go on then, tell me what he's tw***ing about at ...


  1. What about getting in touch with the environment agency? You really should make some official complaints to the authorities

  2. Yeah, I'm going to ... Again. Got nowhere last time apart from filling in a noise and fume diary. Never heard back, but it was before Asda was built. I must be slipping a bit.

  3. Surely Julie your neighbours have the same problems do they not want to join you in your protest? Why not stand outside Asda getting signatures for a petition. I know its not the nicest way to pass the time of day but needs must on occasions, I will gladly sign your sheet. You would have to let me know when you are there as we don't us Asda, Morrisons is our preference, I may call in at Tesco at Heanor on my way home from work for the odd bit. My beef with Asda or the council is the roundabout and the dangers that pedestrians face especially parents with pushchairs, the disabled and should a blind person want to get from The Taste House side to the River Erewash side no safety provision has been thought of. There are the "tactile kerbs" but they only let you know where footpath meets road. I did at the time go into great detail with Asda & MP at the time including photographs and dimensions of the construction, but my questions did not get answered and it all fell on stony ground. God forbid an accident should happen. I have saved all correspondence and photo's which I will have great pleasure in throwing at them if anyone is injured. They took away the pedestrian route of safety by removing the zebra crossing without replacing it with anything else. I am of the opinion that when they realised what they had done or forgot was too late and it was going to cost them money. I could be wrong, just my guess. Have a nice weekend ;o)

    1. My guess is that because they're so dismissive of anybody actually living in Langley Mill and only concerned about swelling their coffers with bribes (aka S106 money), they probably thought all pedestrian crossings would be dealt with when the McDonalds application was received and passed ... But that hasn't happened yet, has it?

      Only one of my neighbours is bothered to the same extent I am, most just keep their heads down and opinions to themselves.

      We certainly get the worst of the noise and unpleasantness here, be it from Asda, Heanor Haulage or the t**t element that pass us on a bizarrely regular basis after dark.

      This is just geographic bad luck for us:

      1. HH think it's a spiffing idea to store their smelliest crap near us in the (NOW) erroneous assumption that it's safer there.
      2. We're directly in line with Asda deliveries, across an empty (dipped) expanse that amplifies every sound.
      3. The only security light Asda can afford to have on is the one shining in my bedroom window.
      4. There's a bloody lamppost across from us that the dear, sweet teenagers like to gather under, whilst peeing on cars, pouring pop on them, pulling wing mirrors off, and sitting on them.

      I may ring the police and tell them that I'm going out armed with a cricket bat to explain to the little darlings that what they're doing is unpleasant, instead of me cringing nervously in the front room hoping the little bas***ds get bored and go away.

      I expect the police would then turn up :-)

  4. It might also be worth checking with Amber Valley BC what ARE the possible restrictions of burning industrial rubbish in the open air, that's assuming that the vandals don't get to it first, OR is that the real reason that the rubbish is so conveniently being piled up, or am I just being a cynical parishioner ?

    ALI (Gladstone St.)

    1. I was checking that online yesterday but may have to phone them as it's not ever so clear.

      The police were told on 27th December when the bonfire was first being built ... this was the day HH thought it would be a good idea to cut down some laylandii at the top of Dean Street and start building the bonfire. You know I actually wrote about it (on 27th Dec) but never published as the bonfire wasn't lit. But I will do as soon as they light it.

      The police had received complaints about HH's bonfires before, not that it ever bothers them.

      Oh dear, At this rate I'll have a list of complaints as long as my arm.

      And no, you are not being a cynical parishioner as the thought had already crossed my mind that they may think the local bored community may just 'help them out'.

      The teenagers did have a mini-bonfire themselves a couple of weeks ago when burning their rubbish in carrier bags hanging on HH's fence. And yes the police know. But where are they after dark when most deeds are done?

  5. Hi Julie - nothing to do with Heavy Haulage I'm afraid, but as you say above - "if it wasn't for cheapskates forever searching for Tesco vouchers,"...Well,I got a £5 voucher in ASDA today. :)
    Everyone gets one this week. :) Da Dah!
    Amazing how they give £££££ away, but can't afford a few bob for oil on a squeeeeeky gate!


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