Sunday, 16 May 2010


We were promised a turnaround at the top of Bridge Street as it is admittedly difficult to turn cars around - but not impossible [depending on size of car].

Well they've made us one and right now I wish they hadn't, we were all perfectly organized regards who was parking where at the top by how often the cars were used, who left earliest in the morning and the size of the car. This worked for us.

Of course there were those who didn't want to join in this scheme and spit their dummy out if someone parked by so much as an inch into 'their parking space' and so ended up parking in the middle of the road - Yes I know, you get them everywhere.

Now personally I don't care if folk come from three streets away to turn around at the top of the street, after all it's still a novelty yet. What I do object to is the speed in which they do it, they hurtle up, whizz round, then speed back down. As the children of the street have already adopted this extension as their play area [probably a bad idea] there is every likelihood that there will be near misses or worse.

A road sweeper had been mentioned to clean the turnaround when it was first done, it's not happened yet. As this is an old bit of land where the 'G R Turners' building stood, we're talking pretty filthy. Judging by the colour of the kids when they've finished playing up there this road-sweeper is becoming somewhat vital ...

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