Friday, 7 May 2010

Avoid Langley Mill


We had another 'Residents Newsletter' on 6th May about work being carried out at Langley Mill. Now I'm not meant to be thick, but this was evidently written and distributed by men for men to read, who with their [as I've mentioned before] infinitely superior brains would fully understand what was meant.

Whether they're only preparing for or actually carrying out the demolition of the corner of Cromford Road at this time, I'm undecided on [I'm just remembering how l-o-n-g it took to do the hoarding on Bridge Street]. Either way - avoid Langley Mill between 6.00am-10.00am Saturday 8th May. Yes I did say 6.00am ...

 All became crystal clear at 6.34am when I was woken by the distant crunching of buildings being demolished. I can see they're spraying water to keep the dust down but I bet they're thankful of the rain. Yawn - I'm glad I live at the top of Bridge Street, it must have been a heck of a shock for those living close to the corner of Cromford Rd, feeling the earth move so early in the morning.

That's not hoarding! that's a very temporary bit of metal fencing.

Oooooh I can see Lidl from here ...

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