Saturday, 22 May 2010


Now I know that the speed limit in a built up area with the required street lighting is 30mph. But where does it say in the rule book that you must drive at this speed or fail your driving test? ... When the street in question has parked cars on one side and hoarding 2ft into the road on the other, making the actual width to get through no more than approximately 7ft.

This was the absurd claim made to my neighbour when she asked the toss pot - the one who had previously had speeding visitors that I'd shouted at the other day - to slow down. He also thinks that even though there's still plenty of room for turning, we shouldn't park in the turnaround at the top, presumably because he can't quite keep up to the 30mph required of him by law.

That's OK, we're obliging, we'll move our cars if we're upsetting him by parking in the turnaround, but there aren't many parking spaces to be had ... Especially as someone [him] is leaving 'notices' on cars telling drivers to 'park in front of their own house', because someone from up this way - who is without a parking space at the moment - was parked an inch into 'his' territory ...  I am led to believe that, ahem, when this person moved into the housing association house, he was told that there was street parking that went with the house - yeah right! I can't remember the last time we were able to park in front of our house [well I can, it was immediately before demolition] but we aren't complaining, it's something we're prepared to put up with.

But as I say, we're obliging, and if we're at all being a nuisance by parking our cars in the turnaround [for which we have permission and it's nothing to do with the council], to people who want to drive faster, then we'll have to arrange our parking exactly as it was before the turnaround was made - oh dear, that'll completely block it off for everybody, shame.

Oh, and even though the 5mph sign was only put up at the turnaround bit, the workmen assumed [never assume, there are always idiots] that as the road was so narrow, we'd all got enough common sense not to drive at speed on the rest of the street. Evidently they weren't expecting there to be new 'bolshy, I'll do what I like' twats for residents whizzing up and down.

Anyway, I wouldn't like to be in his shoes if he hurts one of the street's children [or cats] by his arrogant stupidity, and if he's still driving dangerously over the next few days then we'll probably have to get the police involved. Hmm yes, police - paperwork, maybe not. Oh well, we'll just have to hope that his tyres spontaneously deflate ...

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