Wednesday, 12 May 2010

What Hope When Police Lie To You?

A while ago when the grumpy old man approached a police person about the prolific underage drinking being done on Queen Street recreation ground, he was told there was nothing the police could do because they were ALL old enough to drink. What utter garbage!!!

There's a group of ten children and I mean CHILDREN!! two of them girls - I can just tell, even though most of them are wearing those ridiculous hoods. They're all drinking FOSTERS and smoking cigarettes which some greedy grasping shopkeeper at some point must have sold them. Oh there goes another empty can for some other poor bugger to pick up. There's no wonder smaller children daren't play there.

Unfortunately this wasn't the only occasion the police have lied to us. I presume that it's easier telling us porkies than having to do the paperwork.

There's just no hope is there? ...

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