Monday, 8 June 2009

Been Back to Specsavers

Well I went back with my shiny new glasses as I said I would, this alone was an achievement, I may be grumpy & moany but I'm also very English & as a race we don't like to go back and complain about anything.

I must point out that my eyesight isn't bad, I can manage without glasses just for normal everyday looking at things but I can't cope with sunlight too well, if I went outside without tinted lenses my eyes would be streaming & I'd never see where I was going even on dull days.
I, in my expert wisdom, consider my left eye worse than my right, but what do I know?

I saw the same lovely man who sorted me out as before, he was a bit puzzled by the grey reactions as he'd wrote it down & said he wouldn't by choice have put grey with gold frames, We put it down to 'he'd misheard something I'd not said'. But it was no problem, they're going to change them, but my second problem had him stumped, in 25 years he said he'd never come across what I told him. I said that I'd been practicing a lot with my new glasses I discovered that my best vision was at an angle, facing left & looking right which makes me look even more odd than normal.

I've now got an appointment on 22nd June with a lady who deals with oddeties like me.

Oh dear -

The very day after I went back to Specsavers with my glasses I was doing a bit more practice, & noticed apart from the 'squinty, looking down my nose' bit & have discovered that -

1. If I turn my glasses around approximately 90, oh where's my degrees button? I've got one on my pocket doo dah, anyway 90 degrees, everything is clear through the left lens or -

2. If I take my glasses off my ears, tilt them back & look through the top 2 millimetres I can see clearly, therefore my ears need lowering!

'Aha' methinks, 'they've done the axis wrong. Shall I phone them or pop in and tell them that I probably don't need a retest after all?'

But no, 12 years of never really being able to see through glasses satisfactorily [& not going back about it] was making this worm turn.
'BUGGER IT!' was my next thought [after the other 96 mini-thoughts about wasting peoples time & money], 'the optician still may have got it wrong'. This worm was not only turning, it was doing a jig - in a worried, hidden behind the sofa kind of way ...

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