Monday, 22 June 2009

Been for my Retest at Specsavers

Had the retest, as I half expected, there was no significant difference in the result between this one & my last.

I was taken back downstairs & handed back over to my new bezzie mate, where he again sat mentally scratching his head. He said they were the correct prescription even though I maintained everything was still a blur through my left eye, he tested the glasses twice. Now I was genuinely surprised as I'd thought the axis problem would have been picked up at this point, but I was wrong.

Ok then -
'Ahem, when I tilt my glasses in this direction, I can see clearly.' You could see the lightbulb starting to flicker above his head. He looked at his notes that he'd made when ordering my glasses & compared it to the computer print out that he took the prescription from.

'Aha, I've found it, it's my fault' he said, 'read that line for me', I wasn't in all honesty expecting this as I'd thought it had been an error when the lenses were made.
But there it was - cyl 00 sph +0.25 axis 53. Only it wasn't, the axis was 153 as I knew from my copy but the 1 had printed on the line of the little box it was meant to be in so was all but invisible.

So it was 100 degrees out, not a bad guess on my 90 degrees. But to be completely fair, I'd have made the same mistake reading my prescription from that piece of paper.

'Couldn't you just sit with your head tilted to one side?'
'I think not'
'It'd save us some money'
'I'm not bovvered'
'BROWN', I said
BROWN he wrote
'how long?'
"2 weeks"


Don't knock Specsavers if you never go back with any problems. I found the staff to be professional [where necessary], efficient, polite & friendly. They were only too happy [or they did a damned good impression] to try & sort out my foibles. I couldn't do their job, not being of a natural pleasant disposition, I may be lovely [& modest], but not that lovely ...

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