Monday, 7 September 2009

Bridge Street's Extension

Damn! In the interests of not antagonising our wonderful county councillors I've had to cross out all the best bits in this post.

We've received another letter from Asda - bless 'em. Although I know this is the councils idea and not Asda's, I'm afraid Asda will most likely get the flak.

I'm tickled pink that the residents of Dean Street have voiced their concerns and been listened to. I suspect the amendment we received about Heanor Haulage's workshop was a sweetener, well consider us not sweetened enough!

I suppose in a way Asda has done as we asked and not joined Bridge and Dean Streets, but come on, extending Bridge Street all the way around to almost the top of Dean Street, it's pushing it a bit.

On Bridge Street, we'll have to contend with Asda and their associated bits, including deliveries 24 hours a day, Heanor Haulage offices, Heanor Haulage eyesore - sorry - workshop, the new housing behind us and now the poor residents of Dean Street think we should have our road extended so it won't affect them - give me a break!

Oh, what's the commotion on the street now? Oh I say, County councillors, how spiffing, a bunch of geriatrics group of people pointing at things and voicing the opinion that you could easily drive two cars past each other on our street at the same time. HELLO! Everyone was at work! why didn't they visit at the weekend or after 6.00pm when everyone is home, you can't move for cars then.

In the letter it's stated that Bridge Street is wider than Dean Street, this may be so and if it is, why do they need extra parking on Dean Street, surely if they warrant the proposed 11 [indicative] parking spaces for 23-ish current houses, they can accommodate THEIR traffic instead of sending a probable 70 odd extra cars up and down Bridge Street. If I'm honest, I prefer Asda's original idea of joining the two streets with a one-way system, but I can't speak for everyone else.

We will get a letter from the council soon to ask for our views [with 14 days to reply], well council, you can have them - get stuffed! no thanks. There won't be a single resident on Bridge Street happy with this latest amendment.

We have come up with better access for you, councillors - as you couldn't find your backsides with both hands - carry Wesley Street on and leave Bridge Street alone, seeing as the plan is to use that route anyway for emergency vehicles, or use the waste land next to Potters [between Dean Street and Queen Street], there will be no issues with parking there as it is at the backs of properties.

I await our letter from the council with bated breath ...