Thursday, 24 September 2009

Going Batty

Now I've had a minute or two to myself, I've been reading Asda's bat check at Langley Mill and first of all I'd like to say "thanks" for doing it. I was worried about the bats but it appears that they aren't roosting in the Heanor Haulage buildings, so go ahead, knock 'em down - although from the report it looks like the only checks were made on Station Road, Cromford Road and the railway bank. Whereas it's on Heanor Haulage's back yard that we mainly see the bats at dusk but I suppose that may be due to them catching the moths that are attracted to HH's big security light.

We've seen far less bat activity this year than previous years so they've probably sniffed the winds of change and decided to pack their little bat bags and moved on to pastures [roosts] new.

I've sent my 'moany' email to the council about the proposed extension to Bridge Street and also pointed out the problem with the Smiths Flour Mill lorries blocking the road.

Of course, we were in our summer residence when the promised council letter finally arrived, so my neighbour propped it in a prominant position for our friends to collect from our peasant residence last Wednesday on their way here for a 'crumbly week'.

I was ably assisted by said friends in my 'moany council letter', getting their approval - appreciated - and tips on how to exaggerate - ignored - but I have to say, their crumbly version would have made excellent though novelistic reading.

I see from the AVBC website that there is only ours and one other letter from Bridge Street so far. But not to worry as these will soon be joined by letters or emails from my neighbours, some who have already written; ready to send, and others who are busy scribbling away as I type this post.

I hope we'll be taken notice of, they're planning on building almost twice as many houses [up to 60] than Bridge Street already has [34], being terraced houses we have to park our cars on the road so I don't see how we'll cope with the extra traffic, plus Bridge Street has always been a safe haven for children playing, bats flying, grumpys moaning and cats snoozing ...

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