Thursday, 3 September 2009

Just a Hobby?

Please note, where I say it's rumour, that is exactly what I mean, I'm not privy to secret information or 'in the know', everything else I write is a fact - from my point of view.

I'm tired & irritable this morning, PMB Pallet Express kept me awake until gone 1.00am, then woke me again at 5.30 & at regular intervals afterwards, I was hoping they'd have bogged off somewhere more suitable by now but with the latest rumours I've heard we might not be getting rid of them after all.

The rumours circulating now are to do with the council [highways - whatever] not being happy with increased traffic that a combination of Asda & Heanor Haulage will cause as Langley Mill just isn't big enough to cope.

Has no-one even considered the traffic to Smiths Flour Mill on Cromford Road? We often can't get in or out of Bridge Street as there are at least 2 lorries queueing up across the bottom of the street waiting to get into Smiths yard. Not all of them Smiths lorries either, I've been told this is because other lorries use their weighbridge.

So if the latest rumours are to be believed, all is not going too well in the Asda/Heanor Haulage camp, we know for a fact that Asda don't really want Heanor Haulage as neighbours - we'd been told this at the very first 'residents exhibition' but Mr HH wouldn't sell his land unless they let him stay. I think I'd like to try something similar when I go to Asda - seeing as they are so reasonable - get to the checkout to pay for my shopping, then say 'I won't buy this shopping unless I can keep my money too'. I like it!

Apparently - another rumour coming up - Mr HH had already sold his businesses elsewhere & needed to keep this bit as a 'hobby', why doesn't he take up bowls or cross stitching as a hobby? But fair enough, he's worked hard & been lucky enough to love his job, let him keep his hobby, but please take it elsewhere.

Heanor Haulage's back yard is a mess at the moment, a little while back it looked like they were clearing it up but there are what look like 'quarry lorries' [or even Terex mining trucks, now I've zoomed in - tut, I'm so nosy] as well as bits of cranes, old boilers, flatbeds & general crap. Oh & the other rumour is back on that HH may just stay on their 'back yard' if they can't find anywhere suitable for the aforementioned crap, lovely ...

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