Monday, 31 August 2009

Asda's Revised Bit

We arrived home Thursday evening & I popped around to see my neighbour.
'Hello brown lady [Skeggy weather does tan you very well], you've got a letter from Asda'
'Oh have I, what's it say?'
'They're moving HH back a bit'.

I went home to rummage through the pile of mail - 2 whole weeks away & NOTHING specifically addressed to me - just how I like it.

We guessed which one was from Asda, hmm, Nottingham postmark? I read the 1 page, so where's the rest of it?
Quote - 'I have enclosed the relevant section of the revised design and access statement for your reference'.

Back I went to my neighbour.
'Oh is that all you've got? there are 2 more pages'.
'Yes, I think Asda's trying to save some money'
She fetched them for me to scan & print.


REVISED PLAN [with my tree!]

I'm beginning to think I'm losing my touch! Years of being a non-entity, shoved to the back & being ignored & now someone has actually listened to what I [we] had to say, I'm starting to blush.

Now if I was a sceptic, I'd strongly suspect that this minor adjustment was already up Asda's sleeve ready for the expected complaints, so they could follow up with a 'VOILA, look what we've done for you, aren't we going to be good neighbours?'
But I'm not that sceptical, so I'll accept the revised design in the spirit of goodwill that it was obviously intended to be.

Although my first suggestion of shoving Heanor Haulage's proposed workshop further away [I think I recall saying 'as far as Heanor'] came to nothing, my second, less demanding, idea of pushing it up a bit towards the railway lines is now on the latest revised plans. Moving it up also has the desired effect of moving it further away from the pavement because of the angle of the building to the street, so now we'll have 2800mm instead of 1700mm between us & HH for landscaping, I do wish they wouldn't use millimetres, anything bigger than card making & I convert it into feet & inches - well I try, so is it 3 inches or 3 feet? Oh nearly 3 metres, well that's about 9 feet in 'old money'.

AND! most important of all, there is now room for a TREE straight across from us - it's been drawn in & I fully expect to see it planted - right! ...

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