Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Heanor Haulage Playing With Cranes Again

I received a text this morning from my friend & neighbour - Quote -

How big a crane do they need to work behind us? This one must be 150 ft tall, and they've been working from 'stupid o'clock', even at the weekend. Shouting & yawping at one another "I can't 'ear ya". Then have the cheek to park it behind us at night, sooooo Attractive!'

I text back that she should phone Environmental Health & I asked for permission to quote her in my blog.

Now I may be barking up the wrong tree here but if they're shouting 'what? I can't 'ear ya', many times as my neighbour confirmed they were in her following text, then I fear it may have been directed at me [yes, I am full of self-importance] & I'm sad to say, well, how can I put this? 'I can't hear you!'. If on the other hand they were shouting 'what? I can't 'ear ya,' because they genuinely couldn't hear each other then isn't it obvious to all that they were making one hell of a racket!

So, what is Heanor Haulage doing with yet another crane at the back of our houses? They don't seem to be achieving anything except annoying the local residents. If their past form is anything to go by, they'll be PLAYING!! with the crane for another couple of weeks, so plenty more filming and blogging opportunities when I get back home.

I hope when Heanor Haulage move the part of their operations that include playing with cranes that they set up shop well away from where people live ...

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