Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Growing Up

Ey up burra fergot ta mention summat ded important in me last ADF post. Ooooh owd on, I'm writin' in me adopted Derbyshire accent ... When did that happen?

As I so eloquently put it, I forgot to mention something important that happened recently, well it was important to me.

I'd already noticed a while ago that when I walked I felt much lighter - like I was supported by wires somehow - but the weird thing is that the ground had started to look fractionally further away. I just took this to be an illusion caused by me bouncing merrily along at high speed ... or I needed new glasses.

Then when we first came to the tin hut this year, I was in the bathroom and thought 'Oh heck, the sink is broke' because it looked lower down. I checked the pedestal and under the sink and all was fine ... it's a hut, the sink and pedestal are plastic, they've been replaced before through breakages.

Hmmm, odd. After a few more sessions of thinking - 'by gum burrit's a long way to t'floor' - I decided I needed measuring. Grumpy stood me against the end of a tall unit doo dah, stuck a bit of white insulation tape roughly where my bonce would come to, marked the tape exactly where the top of my person was - flattening my coiffure in the process - then got out his heavy duty tape measure. Nearly 5'3. Interesting, I'd been 5'1 and 3/4 all my adult life and here I was an inch taller.

Oh what joy. To anyone of normal proportions, you won't realise what this means. Well the first thing I did was check my newly adjusted BMI ... aha, only just a bit overweight and not at all porky. And with my 10% adjustment for a large frame - oh yes it is! - I'm now within a normal healthy weight range :) ...


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