Saturday, 30 January 2016

Domestic Goddessing


Yippee! Finally found my Christmas spirit ... she's currently domestic goddessing in the kitchen.

Veg has been roasted, the Stilton and celery soup is bubbling away. The Christmas cake with almond paste is baking nicely. The leftover almondy stuff is about to be coated in chocolate ... and there's every chance the gingerbread house is going to be made next.

It'd be nice if this weird personality of mine turned up at the right time just once, she's either too early and is fed up by the main event, or like this year turns up late...


Uho ... got the domestic goddessing bug AGAIN. This time I finished off making the meat and potato pie I started yesterday. Cooked the leeks and Stilton sauce. Froze gallons of Stilton and celery soup from yesterday. Is there time to make sourdough crumpets? ... no, I'd better get on with some work.

I think I need to knock this domestic goddessing on the head. The freezer is totally full, I've made a smoked haddock, prawn, leek, cheese and potato pie for today. I'm finishing off the almond choccies next.

Since being a faster I've been able to - mostly - keep this side of me under control but this last week it's taken over. Any longer and I'm going to re-chunk when I give in and eat more meals.

The only saving grace is most of my culinary experiments taste like shite. Getting my grumpy old man to admit it is half the fun though because he doesn't like to hurt my feelings ... the way I do it is to say ... "Mmmmm, this is interesting, we'll have it again soon shall we??" ... and watch him squirm ... bless Oh, and I mowed his hair today too ... now back to work ... I'm good...

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Still Maintaining

Intermittent fasting is still working for me after losing 63lbs two years ago - give or take a couple of Christmas lbs - I just wish I'd remember that I was a faster when I went shopping. For some reason my brain gets switched off and I continue to shop like someone who eats 3-4 meals a day and the freezer is starting to groan

Christmas food shopping is insane. I never did get around to making the gingerbread house I bought in kit form and it sits in the cupboard along with the two boxes of shortbread, Christmas cake and a stollen. The six boxes of chocolates Mr Grumpy bought me as presents should last us until Easter because we've not started them yet. We're still only on the roof of my delicious chocolate house.

Oh yes, the domestic goddessing ... we currently have about 30 jars of homemade jam/marmalade/chutney that will never get eaten. This is because by the time I have toast - the only way I've ever liked sweet stuff on bread - I end up wanting crunchy peanut butter instead. And along with the stash of regular alcohol - that a professional bar wouldn't be ashamed of - There's also a bottle of unopened sloe gin, plum vodka and Christmas pudding vodka. And there's about 20 mini muffins in the freezer I made using the fruit from the pudding vodka ... sigh.

As an intermittent faster I can eat whatever I like, and even though I spend time thinking ... "yum, I'll have pizza and ice cream tomorrow" - just because I can - I invariably have something else. These days I always eat what I want because the body knows what it NEEDS nutritionally

I've not always taken notice of it, during last summer my brain thought it knew better and went all stupid. The body rebelled, got bolshy, let me get shingles by way of 'I told you so', told the brain to back off and get on with doing proper brain stuff and leave the day to day running of things to experienced ... er, bits ...  and since then we've all got along just fine. 

After yesterday's once weekly naughty day - of a Wetherspoons lunch and toasted slice of panettone for tea - my body wants fruit and home made nutty Muesli, it won't get it until around 7.00pm. Until then it'll make do with tea, coffee, bouillon and squash.

Here endeth today's 'dieting' lesson. I may even get up and have a stroll on the elliptical doodah, but not before I've finished my cuppa. 

Just one small whinge. I'd written all this out once - much better than this crap - went to save it to the clipboard for my blog and the chuffin page refreshed losing the lot. My phone nearly went through the window and my bloody tea has
gone cold...


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