Wednesday, 1 June 2011

McDonalds In Langley Mill ... Yet Again

McDonalds have resubmitted a planning application for CJ Cars - Planning Application AVA/2011/0443 - 206 Station Road Langley Mill Derbyshire NG16 4AE. Proposed new fast food outlet on the former second hand car dealers site - Resubmission of AVA/2010/1227.
They anticipate a decision by 22nd July 2011.

There are also numerous applications for advertisement consent for totem signs, fascia signs and 14 various other signs. Curiously the decisions on these [three] applications are expected on 21st July [the day before the main plans]  ... it looks serious this time folks.

No, I'm not going to do a nice little link to the planning applications at AVBC. Yes, I do have the technology, but we all need to learn how to find things ourselves - tut, I can be so mean at times.

I've not been desperate or bored enough yet to see if the original plans have been tinkered with [access improvements or otherwise] ...

Update 3rd June:

I've had a few teeny-weeny moments of boredom so took a peek at the above planning application. It didn't take too long to find what I was looking for [first guess]. It could be that the council were as unimpressed with the transport assessment as I was. Another one has been carried out - possibly not as big a fantasy as the original.

Oh, and there's a proposed tweaking of road markings at the bottom of Wesley street [middle of the road, right turn in] so access to McDonalds can be extended.

I stopped being bored enough to look any further - I soon lose interest ... it's my age.

Incidentally, I'm not against McDonalds coming to Langley Mill - I don't actually think we NEED one as much as they think we do - but it does need to be safe for pedestrians and traffic. And I do hope they're a bit tidier than another nearby fast food restaurant - because their litter ends up in the canal ...

Update 11th August:

You know, you can get fed up of checking to see if McDonalds have got their planning permission, I'm using up valuable t'Interweb bandwidth through nosiness.

Although a decision was anticipated by 22nd July, they don't seem to have had one so far, nor can I see that they're up for discussion in August 15th planning board documents - yet ...

Update 18th September:

Having had a quick cruise on t'interweb to see if I could find anything about this application as it seems to be dragging on a bit, I came across another - slightly more professional [no moaning] and possibly totally unbiased - blog, namely 'the best of Heanor and Ripley' - which says the plans have been refused [although I can't find where it says so yet at AVBC] because of highway safety - well there's a total surprise ...

So, I wonder where the next plans for McDonalds will be? ...

Update 17th April 2012:

McDonalds have had their application approved - unanimously apparently.

Hmmm, an easy one to slip quietly through while the deeply controversial 'Ripley Gateway' - lets re-class this ‘agricultural land’ off Nottingham Road as ‘recreational public open space’, in our next step to have all that lovely Morrisons bribe S106 money to spend on Belper - was passed ...


  1. AVA/2011/0443 - McDonalds is still 'pending consideration' awaiting reports for Flood Risk assesment and DCC Higways Dept (assume that traffic management). When Council gets these then it will go before Planning Commitee.

  2. Thanks anonymous,

    I still check most weeks at AVBC and noticed there's still nothing about McDonalds in the planning board docs yet. I'll do another update when I find out any more ... or if I miss it and you want to let us know, please feel free to leave another comment ...

  3. You do rather a lot of visiting to the McDonalds posts don't you anonymous? I get the feeling I'm missing something ... can't find any plan amendments since end of June - maybe one in July. The pedestrian splitter crossing doo dahs look um, interesting. They'll probably create plenty of ambulance fodder ...

  4. worst thing when you carn't find date's on somethin and worse still when you have no idea of the year

  5. About time. Better than just another empty site. Plans look good to me. Should expect to be open by the end of the year.

    1. Of course you're entitled to your opinion, but this wasn't an empty site until Godwin Developments bought it (only on the assumption that plans for McDonalds were passed).

      The plans for the actual McDonalds may be fine ... getting to and from it may be an issue.

  6. Well access is all down to DCC. As they approved an inadequate roundabout for ASDA. Im sure they will be keen to sort safe access for McDonalds.


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