Friday, 3 August 2012

ASDA Island up for discussion

Something Is Afoot!

Apparently Paul Lynch (reporter for Ripley & Heanor News) was at one of the Parish council meetings and has picked up on our plight regarding the island, which was seemingly discussed, to what extent I'm not sure.
From what I can gather Councillor Kevin Parkinson has also fed him some information hopefully on our behalf.

Councillor Parkinson has requested a meeting with me in order to discuss the safety concerns.
Our meeting is to take place on Monday 6th August.
I would be very grateful if anyone can forward to me experiences of concern, problems using the island, even only if witnessed relating to collisions, near misses or confusion whether you were the driver, a passenger or pedestrian.

Any information will need to reach me no later than Monday 6th August at 4pm.

My email is:


  1. My comments are on an earlier posting, good luck with the meeting.

    1. Yes I have them, many thanks Anonymous
      Pity I don't have more, there's nothing like public ammunition to fire up the press or get those who WE elect to represent us and our area. It really does grate on me when the people who have created a problem do not live near it, then they intend to build another fast food outlet to make it all the worse.
      It beggars belief...

    2. I think you'd have difficulty 'firing up' the Parish Council seeing as NON of them have been ELECTED, so much for democracy crossing the boundry into Langley Mill and Aldercar ?

      ALI (Gladstone St.)

  2. Should that not be "burgers belief" in this case?

  3. Oh, ha ha Anonymous ... very witty.

    I'm just jealous because I didn't think of it first :-D


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