Thursday, 23 August 2012

Mill Pub Fire August 2012

 By Guest Blogger ALI

Well The Mill pub is back in the headlines again for all the wrong reasons, in the early hours of Thursday 23rd August at around 5am the Derbyshire fire service were attending yet ANOTHER fire at the premises, this fire required the use of three appliances which included a 'high rise pump' to tackle the roof fire.

Road closures caused severe traffic problems until after midday, finally getting back to 'normal' at 12.30. Now the inspection of the building starts and to possible causes?

Strange how this fire comes only a short time after the refusal to accept an offer just under the 'reserve' of £215K at the auction. If the building is in a fit and safe state NOT to require demolition is yet to be decided, many locals are hoping it WILL need to come down and rid this Parish of one of its MANY eyesores!

ALI (Gladstone St.)


  1. Strange indeed Ali.
    It happens all the time does it not? Will the insurance pay up? Accident? Nudge,nudge,wink,wink,know what I mean,know what I mean,say no more,say no more! But, if it what the locals want to see the back of, so much the better.
    What will replace it? Hope it turns out a lesser eyesore for you all.

  2. I'm just glad that - with my habit of wanting to set fire to anything and everything that annoys me or gets in my way (and frequently saying so) - I'm not actually in Langley Mill.

    And of course, I have a cast iron alibi with many witnesses. Ooooh heck, maybe not ... we could have been home, done the deed and gone back to bed at the tin hut before our neighbours woke up!

    But we didn't ;)

  3. Yes, seen the damage and quite severe too. I very much doubt that it is safe to leave it standing now.
    Twice it has bee subject to severe heat and it will almost surely have structural damage now. On the other side of the coin if it is renovated it will never sell and will constantly be a target for vandalism.
    I think the authorities should now stop dragging their heels, take hold of the situation (slap a compulsory purchase order on it) and order it's demolition.
    The local feeling regarding safety on the ASDA island will be much more of a problem now, because drivers will be rubber necking the burnt out building instead of keeping their eyes on the road and the direction they are going.

    WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I was informed at the height of the blaze at around 7am it had 6 appliances attending the fire, so it seems it might have had more than ONE seat of fire on the premises ?

    ALI (Glastone St,)

    1. This is just what I've read off the R&H News website quote: 'The 20 by 25 metre building has planning consent to be converted into 9 flats and will still go on sale on Sept.11th, a spokesperson for auctioneers Graham Penny Auctions said, despite the fire. The original guide price of £215K has been reduced to £175K.'

      Is this the bargain of the year or what, a £40K special offer fire damaged sale to end all sales, now where did I put that cheque book of mine ?

      ALI (Gladstone St.)

    2. I bet they wish they'd accepted the offer they had when it went to auction now ... mind you, I suppose it depends if it's insured or not ;-)

    3. I wonder if the security cameras at the steps of the Asda site proved of any help at tracking down who started the fire, come to think of it did the Police even bother to check if any of their cameras were of some help in solving the riddle of the repeat arsonists attacking the Pub ?

      ALI (Gladstone St)

    4. Just been on the Graham Penny website and it appears The Mill Pub was sold 'after the auction' yesterday (11th Sept.). Not sure if it was sold below the £175K reserve ?

      ALI (Gladstone St.)


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