Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Cromford Road Model Shop

Yes, I've been nosying at AVBC. The last time until after Christmas [I promise] because I'll be work, work, working - a good time to get your applications in if you don't want them spotting by a grumpy - and noticed an application to turn the old model shop at 21 Cromford Road into:

A Fresh Food Deli and Eaterie catering for Hot and Cold Food to take away and eat in. The property owners are to open it along similar lines to their previous business 'Fresh Basil' at Belper.

Which my Grumpy Old Man says is a coincidence - or is it? - as this shop used to be owned by Basil, who sold er ... deli stuff ... spooky.

I can't see a problem with this ... it'll fit in well with all the other 'eateries' in the area ... Oh dear Asda, it's a bit close isn't it?

Rumours Update:
  1. A nearby ethnic 'eaterie' has been offered even more money by a developer.
  2. The council's lease on Cromford Road car park is up and so now back in private ownership.
  3. I've not bought any Christmas presents yet.
That last one isn't a rumour, it's a horrible fact ...

The application for a Fresh Food Deli was approved on 10th January 2012


  1. "A Model shop!" Now to me a model shop, is/was a place I would inhabit for nearly ever hour I wasn't in school!
    Model aeroplanes, boats and electric trains, cars and plastic kits.
    Balsa wood, tissue paper, dope, piano wire, propellers, and kits by the hundred. Bags of coloured sawdust to look like grass on model railways.
    Ah, those were the days.
    Nowadays, I expect 'model shops' are where men go to get a 'massage' from a young female with 'hand-on' experience!
    Or is it a place where men go to hire an escort? Or is it an establishment where photographers can hire a model for an hour or two?
    I would be sad to think it was the last real Model-makers shop in Langley Mills. (weep, sob, snivel).

  2. It was definitely the kind of model shop you frequented as a boy. It's been closed since June. Actually I'm not sure now where the nearest model shop is.

    Unfortunately time is moving on and Langley Mill is now unrecognisable as the industrial village that it was.

    This is not entirely a bad thing ... but we'll see ...

  3. Gah, I wanted to go there this weekend to buy a radio controlled car I've had my eye on. Is it shut down now?!?

    1. Hmmm, you may be able to buy a radio controlled cheeseboard next time you're in there as they're going all 'delicatessen'.


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