Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Latest Doings in Langley Mill

 As I've mentioned before, not everyone looks at the comments so here's the latest observations by ALI:

  1. The demolition of the former CJ Car Sales building has begun, so the opening of the new store can't be all that far away.
  2.  Not many local motorists are prepared to pay the new charges on the former AVBC car park (free) on Cromford Road. We now get idiots parking anywhere they like on the road and side streets causing a hazard to other drivers.
  3.  Just noticed we now have 2 illegal car washes in Langley Mill, the one that opened up on Dean Street months ago has only just applied for 'retrospective planning approval' for their 'car valet business' 5 days ago (11th Oct.) according to AVBC Planning Dept. website. So much for following the legal rules and regulations.

Yes ALI, I noticed the retrospective plans last week, I had a little titter at the time. Apparently they had permission for one part of the plans, then decided to go ahead without permission for another bit ... presumably the environmentally unfriendly - lets chuck our water down the drains and hope no-one will notice bit. Obviously some people will always think that the rules don't mean them ...


  1. DerbyshireRetailHelp ‏@Retail_Help
    What do you think is needed to improve local shopping in Derbyshire, both Online and on our High Streets? :-)

    The above paragraph is quoted from one of my received tweets, obviously I have responded.

    I really don't know how many times we have to tell them, and they still keep asking the same old question.
    In my opinion its as clear as the nose on your face. THEY DON'T JUST GET IT!!!!!
    To go against the grain and public opinion a charge has been introduced as you say J on the Cromford road car park, which is one reason to make me not visit the "HIGH STREET" in Langley Mill.
    What it will do is encourage the public to use the FREE Asda car park and shop at Asda.

    Surely that's defeating the objective of the mission to resurrect traders of local shops.
    Do the council really and truly want high street shopping to return or is what they say just a smoke screen?
    I am now beginning to think it's a smoke screen and the council are not shopper friendly, but very greedy!

  2. Well one high street shop has been sold at auction and we ALL await what delights it will offer to us over the coming Christmas period, that's if it opens by then.

    I refer to what I still call Sutcliffes newsagents, over the road from the Railway Tavern on Station Road. It was a pleasure to see the smiles on the faces of both of the mature ladies who used to serve in his shop (John Sutcliffe) many years ago when I used to say 'good morning girls' as I popped in to pay my paper bill back when 'papers were delivered, happy days ! ! !

    ALI (Gladstone St)

  3. I didn't even know it was for sale. I've not been too observant lately. It's a good job you're on the ball.

    I think the days are gone when we were served with a smile and greeting through genuine pleasure. It's like being served by polite automatons (if you're lucky) wherever you go. It doesn't replace small-talk and genuine interest in each others lives.


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