Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Heanor Haulage Residential Development

I've been my nosy self tonight and really wished that I hadn't.

Plans are in today for Heanor Haulage, Langley Mill. The site address for the residential development is Dean Street/Bridge Street so I'm afraid that involves us far more than I was hoping. As if we haven't had enough to put up with already.

Application - AVA/2012/0994
 Heanor Haulage Ltd Wesley Street Langley Mill Derbyshire NG16 4AL
Application to replace extant planning permission AVA/2009/0471 for outline permission for residential development
 A decision is anticipated on 21/Jan/13 under the Delegated Powers.

I suppose this could just be a cheap way of extending the current passed plans, rather than starting from scratch as they're probably due to run out. Whatever, we can't wait ...

Update 26th October:
Our letters were sent out by Amber Valley Borough Council yesterday, the important people were sent theirs on the 24th (I'm not important). The strange thing is they still send letters to all the places they surely know don't exist at these addresses. What a waste of money! These include:
  1. CJ Car Sales.
  2. Delta Bookmakers.
  3. Netto.
  4. Insight Glazing.
  5. PMB Pallet Express.
  6. Heanor Haulage (cough, cough).
  7. Chiron Gas and Welding Supplies.
  8. The Yard Wesley Street (honest).
  9. Pickerings Brakes and Clutches.
  10. Les Wilson Freight Express.
  11. Potters Snooker Club.
  12. Probably several addresses demolished to make way for Asda
I'm not sure that the Post Office is the correct address - but I expect it WILL get there, hmmm, is Asda getting one? Pass - I'm too bored to check further now ...

Update 18th January 2013:
Passed by AVBC on 17th January

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