Monday, 5 November 2012

Heanor Haulage Bonfire Night Treat

I know it's mostly out of date but bear with me:

I was enjoying my Christmas break (27th December]) looking on t'Interweb at what books I can buy for my soon-to-be Kindle - I've got the app on the android jobby, plus on the laptop and computer.

Then - because I was in a spiffing mood - I was about to write a pleasant little post on my Christmas presents (done that now). My grumpy old man came up to tell me he was off out to do what grumpys do, when he went over and looked through the bedroom window.

There were two men rooting around Heanor Haulage's yard for bits of wood, one of them saw us watching him and did some strange eye pointing gestures, I took this to mean that he'd seen us watching him, I don't know why he should think we care.

They had a pick up truck full of recently cut tree-stuff, it was emptied onto the corner where they seem to think it's a good idea to burn their rubbish.

Then they disappeared, it turned out that they were zzzzzzzzzzzing trees at the top of Dean Street - out of my view - they can't even leave folk in peace at Christmas. I suspect there may be a repeat performance of the last time they had a big bonfire, because they're bound to annoy more than me and grumpy.

Which makes me ask the question ... Why don't they burn their rubbish on their own back yard? ... Oh, you think it may upset the neighbours ... Too damn right, it'll upset the neighbours ... I'm one of the neighbours it's really pi****g off!

Anyway, someone ... and I don't know who (not me), went and had a little word with the police, they were aware of other complaints from their last bonfire - I'm impressed, they keep records - they were going to speak to HH.

Hmm, since then, they've been and gone several times, moved the long, tubular, wheeled object that had been spoiling our view of the back of Asda for eleven weeks. Left the crane running for hours on end to pollute my atmosphere and still not had their fire.

And if Heanor Haulage don't stop annoying me, they may find the next bonfire on their yard will be under their effing crane - oops - did I just put that in writing? ...

November 5th:
The above was mostly written last December, it got delayed because the fire had been put on hold. I predicted with it being bonfire night, that today would be the day they lit it, and they did (I'm sh*t hot at predicting stuff).

Not only did they light it, they used a minimum of six buckets of diesel to:
  1. Get it started.
  2. Keep it going.
The bonfire mostly having been built so long meant it was very wet and in all likelihood harbouring hibernating wildlife. But this IS Heanor Haulage we're talking about so they don't give a stuff.

The majority of houses up here had in fact got washing out as it's a lovely sunny day, the diesel soaked ash is landing on the aforementioned washing plus the parked cars. Fortunately I was still in when they started the fire (as my tweets can attest) so I dashed outside - I can do dash now I'm thinner, although my jeans tried to fall down twice on the way - and retrieved all my IVORY coloured washing.

Since the big early blaze of relatively dry wood burnt out, it all sort of fizzled down. Meaning the moron had to throw more diesel on to stoke it up, this achieved a huge pong, a few brief flares and lots more smoke. I'd had enough and phoned 101 to see if they could be stopped from polluting my lungs. I've not heard back and still the fire is smoking ...

Update 16.50:
The fire is still burning and the fumes are disgusting. It was started at 9.30am. Mr Heanor Haulage doesn't give a toss. I'll no doubt still be coughing until next year with the irritants I've breathed in today :'(

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  1. I'm surprised the local morons didn't get to it first and it hadn't been attacked before now !

    ALI (Gladstone St.)


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