Saturday, 5 March 2011

Heanor Haulage's New Fence

Things started early on Monday as we were promised, any hopes of it being a one day job were quickly dashed when it took about three hours to put up one piece of fence. Yeah, we soon realised they were going to stretch this out the whole week.

There was a huge skip delivered, although I'm not sure what they put in it as they had a bonfire every day - cough cough.

Contrary to my predictions, they didn't use the recently repaired heap of scrap for the fence erecting, instead they used a mini-digger whatsit. It was just as bad as when Asda was being built, the noise just went on and on and on and on and on and on.

Friday evening we were completely worn down by the noise and fumes, I was feeling miserable and sick - by now there were two bonfires, fortunately most of the time the smoke was blowing away from us, but this didn't prevent the smell seeping in.

We don't know what they were burning - apart from the greenery they hoiked out, being in their way - but late in the afternoon they were producing acrid, black smoke [which I'm told was visible from Brinsley]. It smelt just like when I accidentally get my saucepan handles too close to the gas flame while cooking - yes, you're quite right, this is a rare event [I actually have to dust inside my oven] but my nose has a good memory.

Around 6.00pm the grumpy old man asked me what time the International Space Station [I've seen it three times this week] was due to pass over the fume ridden, dog-s**t hole that is Langley Mill, as he fancied his chances at seeing it - which were zero actually, as it was still too light and much too bloody smoggy!!

Anyway grumpy went on the street for a look - I mostly make do with looking through the window, having been accused of being a pervert by some mad bint on her way from Chavsda. Whilst out there, he was able to witness an irate gentleman [from over the recreation ground] stomping across to one of the Neanderthals stoking up a bonfire. I can only assume that he'd gone to complain about the fumes.

On his way back out he told my GOM that he'd been told to p**s off. And that he was going to phone the police ... which he did. Almost immediately two 15 year old's in police uniforms turned up and had a little chat - completely pointless, because Heanor Haulage have always done what they want, when they want, and nothing will ever change that. And this - we all suspect - is the real reason they didn't build their workshop here [so far] because there were too many restrictions imposed by the council, whereas now there are virtually none.

The skip and the rest of the dug out soil was collected this morning - another quiet start to our weekend. We're still a bit perplexed about this fence - seeing as HH has supposedly left, but my GOM has just been told [by a man who had already asked], that someone keeps breaking onto the land and pinching stuff??????? - What stuff? It's all scrap - apparently they know who it is but the police can't do anything about it.

Hmm, funnily enough, speaking of scrap, we've had scrap men here three times in the last two weeks asking if we wanted any scrap taking away [not exactly from around here as I was called 'love' and not 'duck']. I finally got fed up of the visits - where they actually seemed more interested in HH land while supposedly talking to me - and told them if I'd got any scrap I wouldn't GIVE it to them, I'd take it and SELL it myself as I'm not entirely stupid ...

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