Sunday, 20 March 2011

Cromford Road Recycling Site

My grumpy old man has been repeatedly asking me over the last couple of weeks ... 'Have you blogged about the recycling bins yet?' I have to remind him every so often that this IS my blog and if he's so bothered to write his own. And anyway I've been busy writing about things that interest me - like rg Group attempting to undo the irreparable damage caused to the railway sidings.

He comes in most days announcing - not 'Hello darling, you look lovely' - but more along the lines of ... 'I want you to write about blah blah blah' ... my brain has generally cut off most auditory senses by now, and I sit nodding and shaking my head - at what I judge to be the appropriate moments by his increase in volume - with an expression approaching sympathy [my face can't lie either]. Nine times out of ten it's usually some tw*t or other driving in a way that annoys him.

Righto, anything to oblige - and shut him up - here goes. 

OI COUNCIL! Where has our recycling site on Cromford Road gone? Grumpy went down Bridge Street with our plastic a couple of weeks ago, and there the bins were - gone! He said that other people had obviously visited before him as there were several carrier bags full of plastic bottles left where they used to be.

Yes, we know Asda is going to HAVE a recycling area, but it's not there yet is it? No, because the recycling space is currently taken up with construction containers for the almost ready petrol station.

Do I take it that you want us to further pollute the atmosphere by making a special journey in the car - as indeed grumpy did [twice] - to take our recycling elsewhere? Or would you like us to send all our plastic to landfill since you are neither providing this area with the means of proper recycling, nor do you want to collect it from the kerbside with the crappy recycling system you've got ... money, money, money.

Oh yeah, I've read in our latest Derbyshire County Council 'What a wonderful job we're doing for you' newspaper that we're being bribed to recycle - all we have to do is leave our recycle bins out on our collection day and we could win £50 shopping vouchers. Apparently they've given away 36 already and have about 60 more to give away until July.

They say it's to increase the amount of rubbish recycled in the area. Don't make me laugh!

We're hardly being encouraged to recycle except on a very moderate scale. We mustn't overfill the blue paper bag, and we daren't buy anything that involves cardboard packaging, any extra left outside the orange bag won't get taken away; so we end up binning it - well not me obviously, but I know someone [without transport] who did just that last week after the recycling lorry left it behind. So council, do you want us to recycle or not?

There grumpy - job done ...


  1. lol i live near, very entertaining article thanks for making me smile :)

    1. Glad to entertain, that's mostly what I'm here for. Although occasionally I get a bit annoyed with stuff and have a good old rant :-)


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