Sunday, 7 February 2016

To Haunt or RIP

Had a bit of a revelation whilst on my way to bed somewhat sozzled.

Thinking about what life/death is going to be like when I'm brown bread.

We always say RIP when someone has shrugged off their mortal wossname, but who says that's what we actually want out of life ... er death. I mean, it's a bit boring just lying there all peaceful like.

Methinks I need to consider if it's worth passing on ... kicking the bucket ... whatever, I'm sure I could find something better to do ... I think I'd prefer to do a bit of haunting ... I'll lie here now and practice my tele-thingy skills.

I'll get the cat  - aka Miss Tia Pussykins - to get off me, just by looking at her because I'm hot, hot, HOT ... doesn't she realise I'm having a lady power surge, and my job in life - whilst I'm here - is not to keep her undercarriage warm ... hmmm, that's not working ...

Saturday, 6 February 2016

My Asda Voucher

Just spent the last I don't know how long, trying to get the laptop to communicate with the printer to print off an Asda voucher. I have to ask myself "was it worth it?".

The printer happily prints off a page of ... "Oh aren't I clever? out of all the networks and channels available, I'm on your network and this is my address" ... every time I go up and threaten and reset it

I eventually gave in and switched on the computer, but by now I'd reset the repeater and totally forgot how to get into it. Spent five minutes looking for a repeater program before remembering it's a bloody router and is accessed by the browser aka Firefox.

Ten minutes of muttering later and we're on t'interweb, the voucher still won't print, bugger! I go over and threaten the printer again, reset the network there to master router instead of repeater, it smugly prints the aren't I clever page - Mr Grumpy now has a stack of paper to write on the back of - then lo and behold ... chugga chugga, clatter "receiving data ... printing".

Yay ... Off to Asda I go with my £1.38 voucher ... and all this time I've spent arguing with the laptop, printer, computer, mifi, and repeater I'm meant to be working ... so one chuffin expensive voucher. But after all the running up and down stairs, I sure am fit...