Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Time For Another Eye Test

One is off to Specsavers today to have one's eyeballs checked for defects.

One's husband has told one that he'll pay :D

I warned him that it could get expensive as I don't get pensioners rates like him, and I NEED 'reactions' and varifocals and a designer name ... or they're not worth wearing.

He never even flinched - fortunately he was sitting down at the time - and managed to croak that 'it doesn't matter' ... gasp ... 'you save your money for diamonds, clothes, boots, Radley bags and jackets ... have I mentioned how many jackets I've bought this year? No? Oh dear, at the last count it was fourteen and I've bought at least four (or six) more since then ... oops.

It's a good job I'm not hard of hearing because he was almost whispering by this time ... and his forehead had started to glisten.

This conversation took place yesterday at the Riverside Park at Newark where we had our picnic - and thanks to the lovely sunny autumn weather - I couldn't see the panic in his eyes behind his 'reactions' lenses ... but I knew it was there hehehehe ...

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Permanent Car Wash On Tavern Car Park

A permanent car wash and valeting service has been applied for  - AVA/2013/0846 - on the Railway Tavern car park, Langley Mill ... because - ahem - the current permit is running out now. Funny that, we all thought it ran out June 2011.

Apparently they say that everything is already on site to make it permanent, but I do hope they have to make it look less like a pile of junk aka a scrap yard than it presently does or what's the point? ...

Update 1st November: This pile of garbage was granted PERMANENT planning permission yesterday. I can only assume they think it's what Langley Mill amounts to. I bet there isn't a similar heap of junk on Belper's main road.