Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Boyes For Heanor

At last, a breath of life for Heanor.

W Boyes & Co to open in the old Somerfields store.

Having shopped regularly at Boyes in Newark and more recently in Eastwood, I can say this can only be a good thing and just what Heanor needs. I hope it encourages more businesses back into our lovely town ...

Monday, 8 September 2014

Housing Planning Application For Former Railway Sidings

Just been informed by Ali - I haven't looked since early last week - that there are plans in at AVBC for housing on the old railway sidings ... the same ones of ecological value that were illegally dumped on with excavated waste when they finished building Asda ... thus obliterating any wildlife and making damn sure any future plans couldn't be objected to.


Former Exchange Sidings (Bridge Street)

Outline Application for up to 58 Dwellings, with access into the site unreserved.

30% of the dwellings to be 'Affordable Housing'

17 - 2 Bedroom Apartments
37 - 3 Bedroom Houses
4 - 4  Bedroom Houses

Not bad to say it was only for storing flatbeds, but I suppose it's marginally better than what the teenagers are doing on it.

Hmmm, it goes a long way, right past Argyle Street, I bet they're impressed. Oh bless, they're retaining some existing trees, well there would have been a lot more trees to retain if RG Group, Asda and Heanor Haulage hadn't seen fit to bulldoze them down and cover them with crap.

I will look at the rest of the plans when I have time. Thanks for the info Ali ...

Update 8.12.14

Having just had a check at AVBC to see if a decision on these plans - expected Dec 2014 - has been made. We're now informed that the decision has been put back until May 2015. 

Update 20.06.15

After checking daily from the 29th of May,  I now find the decision has been put back again until 23rd July 2015...