Sunday, 4 March 2012

I Love Heanor

And of course a bit of obligatory moaning from yours truly.

Write in the book about why you love Heanor and get a cookie
There was a bit of a meeting at top o' t' hill in t' market square for people who love Heanor. It was cold and wet but we were all cheerful.

We had our photo taken from the top of the church with telephone instructions from up there about where we should stand to create a heart shape. And for anyone who doesn't recognise me, I was the one in the red coat - and white knickers with red hearts on - holding a red balloon.
Look up and wave that balloon!
I'm glad I went as I do love Heanor and have done since the first day I arrived there in November 1979.

It's still a mystery about who organised the event which came into being through Facebook  and Twitter. Whoever it is could do with following some of their followers on Twitter as there's no interaction without doing so, unlike on Facebook. 

There's a super write up about the event over at TheBestOfHeanorAndRipley  Which saves me writing much.

I love Heanor too
Just as well really as my brain is not firing on all cylinders after last nights escapades by our local yoofs and yoofesses ... shouting, screaming, bawling, squealing up and down Bridge Street and banging on the bridge hour after hour.

Plus Network Rail decided that last night was a good time to hoik up the tracks and/or sleepers with lots of clanking for that special night-time effect, and then spin dry the stones ... well that's what it sounded like. And they move along the track at about two inches a minute so plenty of listening time. My brain fizzled out at about 3.00am.

Then dear old Chavsda woke me up at 7.05am - yawn ...


  1. "...including a new nail bar, a mobility scooter shop and a vacuum cleaner sales and repair outlet". (copy,copy) :)

    Really useful shops Julie. - for an OAP with a broken toenail and a clapped out hoover.
    I, however, would find a Somerfield and Woolies more to my liking. (and of course, a Model shop)
    (I jest - as usual)

  2. Yeah Bernard, I know you're jesting, but what we've got to realise is that Heanor is in a very fragile state. All of our industry is gone and some daft Tw*ts thought that having a Tesco and shopping precinct on the edge of our beautiful local town at top o t' hill would be a spiffing idea.

    All that happened is that we (me included) shopped down there and few of us can be motivated to go up t' town (it's hilly around here me duck).

    I have written about Heanor before (, but in a completely negative way.

    Any new shop that's not a bookies, takeaway or charity shop opening in Heanor is something to be celebrated and we need to support them - well not me of course, I do most of my shopping in Skeggy :)

  3. Not supporting your local shops?
    I don't believe that.
    You sound very loyal to me. that you (in the picture) clutching the Waitrose bag? Ha,ha.
    You're a secret 'Skeggy Waitrose' shopper aren't you? :)
    I've just been watching the UKIP Spring conference from there. I couldn't afford to go - well, buy the petrol that is.
    I was a 'good boy' today. As I walked past my little empty butchers - I thought - how sad to see him close. :(
    So I turned back and went in to buy - a ring of Black Pud, six faggots and a jar of extra hot Horseradish sauce. :)
    My good deed for today.
    Take care.....B

    1. No, I'm not clutching the waitrose bag. I did in fact manage to avoid being in most photos. This was sneakily achieved by mostly being behind my camera.

      However there are a couple of photos knocking around that include me ... where I look like a bad tempered Mrs Santa Claus :-)

  4. How about a pair of these for hubby?
    (Remember us men hate ironing.)

  5. Well said Jools.We need a Wilkinsons and i agree with Bernard we sincerely miss Woolies.But they dont listen to the public enough.First they need to encourage traders by reducing rents for stalls and to those who own the shops reduce the rents give the traders a chance.Heanor had a fabulous market years ago,people used to flock there because they had a variety.People will not come if theres nothing to look at.U NO ME JULES.

    1. We could definitely do with some big name stores like Wilkinsons as you suggested, attracting people into town with the knock on effect that you'd pop in to other shops. Woollies closing couldn't be helped, Somerfield/Co-Op could and they should be ashamed of themselves. Tesco needs a bit of competition in town.

      Speaking to the granddaughters after the event, they want toy shops and clothes shops (naturally). These are Heanor's future shoppers, if they don't shop there now with their spending money, then they won't in the future.

      Do you know my comments are starting to get longer than the actual blog post :)

  6. Yes Jane ... this is definitely the blog you stumbled upon :-)

  7. I do hope you don't find me a nuisance, but I love England and all its historical places. When you said that all industry had gone from Heanor, I had to go googling Industrial heritage. I was told that Heanor lies between Nottingham and Derby.
    Now, I used to work for Plessey, the electronics company, and over the twenty years enslaved with them, I had many, many trips to Beeston, so I am not totally unfamiliar with that area.
    I thought you said Heanor was in Yorkshire, or did I get that wrong too?
    Or do Yorkshire,Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire all meet at a point around Langley Mill? Anyway, I was told many times that the area around Beeston was over-populated by females and hence, famous for its lace making industries. I was further informed that all the blokes in't area, interested in't girls but not in't lace making, had gone orf looking for work in Derby. (engineering).
    I remember my mates at Plessey saying to me, that if I wanted a lady-friend, I had better apply for a transfer to Beeston!
    I didn't.
    I stayed here.
    And probably lost my chance.
    Anyway, Good luck to Heanor and Langley Mill.
    ps I used to bed down at the Travelodge, M1. Not my thing but Plessey were paying.

    1. No, you're not being a nuisance. You can write as much as you like.

      Heanor isn't in Yorkshire, it's in Derbyshire, close to the border of Nottinghamshire, whereas Langley Mill is on the very edge of Derbyshire with a Nottingham postcode.

      It's a very small world, everyone around here knows of Plessey. Beeston isn't far away, just over t'border about half an hour away. And if you had taken the plunge, we could have been near neighbours.

      I think you probably made a wise decision ;-)

  8. Did speak to Wilkos when Netto closed to see if they wanted to move in. Apparently they have too many stores close to Heanor and in their opinion we don't need any more. They see London and the SE as their preferred area to conquer. Would love to see Matalan give Adsa a run for it's money in Langley Mill.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I've heard twice in the last week that Home Bargains is going to open in our old Langley Mill Netto. Hopefully it's B&M Bargains that move in or I can't see Home Bargains in Heanor staying open.

      Fingers crossed :-)

  9. Hi Julie,

    'tis definitely Home Bargains, that of Heanor Retail Park fame, and it's gonna be a biggun to boot. They've been working on it already and it's due to open around the beginning of July. No idea on the fate of the original one though, but I'll see if I can find anything out... Watch this space!


    1. Hi Sarah,

      thanks for the info. I hope if they do leave Heanor you get something else just as good. Langley Mill seems to be on the up (barring unnecessary fast food eateries). I just hope it's not to the detriment of Heanor.

  10. Boyes took over Somerfield, and is still going strong. Possibly due to my other half's habit of "just nipping in for some wool" - he later emerges with 3 carrier bags. lol


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