Friday, 22 February 2013

Saying Goodbye To My Curves :(

Well, this is a bitter-sweet post I must say. I've been following the ADF lifestyle for a little over six months and still feel amazing. And - as can be seen in my last post about me - I've felt so much fitter, healthier and simply just more alive, that I've taken up Zumba six days a week in an attempt to tone my saggy bits.

As well as weighing, I regularly measure my waist. I was a little frustrated after Christmas because although I'd carried on eating fairly healthily and was 'wafting me bits about' doing Zumba, neither my weight nor my waist was diminishing.

It took four more weeks of breathing in to measure, then - whilst on the scales - balancing on one leg, holding my boobs up, leaning precariously back, bouncing up and down ... along with much more drastic measures of cutting my long heavy hair, quite, quite short - alas, it wasn't heavy enough.

And I tried fast-5 by going without breakfast on an up day ... I only did it once, because I then had to eat late in the evening because I'd only consumed approximately 1350 calories throughout the day and this isn't enough for me on an up day, who'd have thought that I'd have to eat more to lose weight??

Sigh ... why aren't I losing weight? Why aren't the inches coming off? I did think with exercise I may temporarily stop losing as the muscles built up a bit. I got the tape measure out yet again, tried to stretch it - as you do - then decided to measure elsewhere ... well bugger me! I'd lost an inch off my boobs and 2 inches from my bum. I measured my waist again - nope, still the same.

Then I had a lightbulb moment ... I'm just regaining my natural shape, which is almost straight up and down with two lumps up front.

I should have looked a little further afield to have realised this, one of my sisters - ovver t'border in another county - is extremely fit, no fat to speak of, but her waist to hip ratio suggests that she's a heart attack waiting to happen ... as I will be - again - after I lose another inch from my bum.

So, there you have it, my lovely curves which I so quickly attained by losing 7" from my waist will soon be back to my normal boring - no nice sticky out bum (well, it never did do that) - shape, albeit much narrower than it was.

I'm also a bit miffed at my BMI, apparently I'm just teetering between overweight and obese, this doesn't take into account that I have a large frame ... oh yes I do! I checked. My writing wrist is 7" and anything over 5.75" for my height is large framed, so in fact I've got quite a mammoth frame ;)


I've now juggled my ADF days around to Sun/Mon/Thurs in an attempt to shake things up and get my body to realise that I'm in charge around here. Thankfully, I'm back to losing 1-2lb a week. Total loss so far is 40lb, one pound more and I've lost 20% of my starting weight ... go on, get your calculators out.
This is the first time for as long as I can remember that I'm actually looking forward to spring and summer. I've spent so many years being grateful for cold weather so I can hide under my big, baggy and shapeless clothes. And now I've got to spend a mini-fortune on an entire new wardrobe because nothing fits ... tragic isn't it? Ahhhhhh summer ... bring it on :)

I'm also enjoying checking the BBC Global Fatcheck to see which country a woman of my age and weight I'm most similar to - I started at Tonga, been to Micronesia, Samoa, Kuwait, Egypt, Barbados, United Arab Emirates, Malta, United States, South Africa, Fiji and Qatar. This week I briefly visited the Solomon Islands before going back to Qatar ... must change my official weigh day to Tuesday methinks.

Of course I had a slight panic attack when I accidentally did it in kilos instead of pounds and found that I had a BMI of 65 which is 100% higher than everyone worldwide ... and, if everyone had the same BMI as me, it would add 503,400,866 tonnes to the total weight of the world's population - nice ...


  1. Are u sayin im goin to have a heart attack?? Lol x

  2. i have really enjoyed reading your blog thus far thank you for the link

  3. ".... then - whilst on the scales - balancing on one leg...,"
    When I weight myself, I find I have to steady myself by holding onto the wash-basin. It's amazing how the lbs role off! And we all know scales never lie. :)
    Hope you are both well and staying warm during this extended period of BBC defined 'global warming'!!!!
    We're lucky here to have escaped the snow.
    I notice you have my Monkey-Organ link on your side bar. (flattered), but can I mention that I no longer update that blog - I have moved to -
    tracker-bar.blogspot and perhaps I could entice you in for a few silly jokes and the latest picture of my dear old aged ginger Tom-cat - Wesley?

    1. Hello there Bernard,

      Yes thanks, we're both well. I will get around to sorting out what blogs I'm following and where very soon - I promise.

      Just lately I've found it hard to concentrate on anything much. I've got three posts already completed but in all likelihood will never get published, but it made me feel better just writing them and getting it out of my system.

      Another one about 'me and grumpy' will be published soon and tomorrow I'm going to start on a post entitled 'My Winter Of Discontent' - as I finally lay to rest the things that have been bothering me ... in as pleasant away as I possibly can (the threatened three posts are NOT pleasant).

      Julie xx

  4. I'm a complete and utter random stranger who chanced upon your blog while Googling the Alternate Day Diet. We seem to be of a similar age and I like the way you write.

    You also gave me great confidence because I've just started the ADD and started meself a blog to keep me motivated. It's too easy to give up otherwise.

    Thank you for brightening up my day :-)

    1. Hello Molly, and thanks for your comment. Good luck on your weight loss lifestyle, I'm sure you'll be successful.

      Are you on Facebook? Have you thought of joining our group there? Lots of advice and even more giggles ;)


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