Thursday, 7 February 2013

McDonald's Langley Mill - Very Nearly Ready

Update 15.2.13:
 Just been told that McDonald's opened this morning at 6.00 ...

It looks like it won't be long before McDonald's is ready to open. They were busy turfing and planting when we passed today.

Hopefully the nice people who pass here being a damned gobby nuisance through the night - who then go on to see how many tunes they can get out of the metal railway bridge by hitting it (hopefully with their heads) - will frequent the 24 hour McDonald's after being moved on by Asda.

I imagine it could even be the same group of delightful teenagers who just throw their rubbish down after an Asda lunch, as witnessed by myself today.

But I rather imagine they'll come up here to chuck McDonald's crap about as a change from Asda crap :(

Hmmm, yes - Asda is still completely devoid of anyone opening the delivery gates actually being in charge of more than one brain cell. Whoever opens them in the night attempts to open the bolts without them squeaking ... this is irritating beyond measure. Whoever does it during the day couldn't care less how much they squeak.

Knowing that they do squeak would normally prompt someone with two brain cells to ask maintenance to grease the bolts ... alas, as I've said, they're sadly lacking in this department so I'm going to have to go across and tell them yet again to get them greased.

Oooooh, I nearly forgot. Would whoever it is that is trying not to squeak the gates in the night, please stop dropping pallets on top of one another. I know that's what you're doing because I've been there, done that and got the T-shirt!

Done whinging now ...


  1. I've got a can of WD-40 if that's of any use to you ?


    1. Well, it's Saturday morning at 09.50 and the McD rubbish is starting to build up around Langley Mill already !

      So far I've picked up 6 paper drinks cartons and assorted boxes, is this the sign of things to come after just 1 day of opening ?


  2. I'm afraid on Bridge Street, we can beat that. My neighbour told me yesterday morning - after the place had only been open a few hours - that we'd got McLitter blowing up the street. It's not surprising given how many teenagers were walking past here eating what was left of their McLard snacks.

    I wonder what parents are doing teaching their offspring that the correct procedure to get rid of their rubbish, is to throw it on the floor ... I presume they're expecting the litter fairies to clean up after them.

  3. Well, after only been open 3 days, I am discusted at the state of Langley Mill, Eastwood & even the A610 bypass. They are all a sea of McDonald wrappers, boxes & cups !! I have never seen so much litter around this area. I almost picked a load up & throw it the front door of the restaurant.. surely to god they shouls be funding litter bins in the area? The council will be getting a call from me in the morning !


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