Monday, 30 July 2012

Langley Mill's Flowers 2012

Cromford Road lamppost still out of (main) sight, out of mind.

I've been a bit long in doing this post as I've had rather a lot on my mind lately and blogging just wasn't on my list of things I must do.

Ahem, it has also been nestling comfortably amongst my drafts awaiting completion for the last month:

Rumours and facts ... you can choose which is which this time:
  1. Potters/Co-op on Cromford Road is already up for sale.
  2. Some councillors aren't as bright as they're meant to be.
  3. A completed car-wash valeting service on Dean Street wasn't (environmentally) approved.
  4. There will soon be more roadworks in Langley Mill.
  5. The tyre filled trailer park on the Mill car park is a fire hazard.
  6. AVBC have been looking at my blog.
  7. The ILLEGAL car wash on Station Road is still going strong.
Ahem, we all know that I'm at the front of the queue when it comes to criticizing our local - and borough - council, so it's only fair that I should pass comment when I think they've done good.

Next to derelict Mill pub
I'm quite sure that this year's Langley Mill flower display has absolutely nothing to do with me having a blogging strop, stamping my size 6's and publishing photos comparing our lack of flowers to a nearby town's wonderful display last year. But I would like to say 'THANK YOU' to Langley Mill and Aldercar council - or whatever they insist on calling themselves - for our current lamppost and road barriers displays.

Although, considering the amount of money our council receives, I think Langley Mill should actually resemble Kew Gardens - oh I see, the entire £85,000 (before donations) isn't all for flowers and Christmas lights, shame ;-) ... apparently nearly £30,000 is for General Administration and £27,000+ is for salaries and national insurance.

If it ever stops raining long enough while I'm actually in Langley Mill, I will venture out with my camera to take some photos of our much cheerier village ... although it is still a disgusting tat-strewn tip, flowers can't hide everything.

This also requires that I use the correct settings on my camera ... sigh. My latest hobby is photographing sunspots (it is possible with our weather, honest), and I then tend to forget that the camera is set for such an event. I'm in the habit of grabbing it, pointing and clicking merrily away at say - a squirrel, which is skilfully doing a handstand whilst simultaneously juggling five peanuts with his feet, and spitting seed at a blackbird (yeah well, it's my blog and I'll exaggerate if I want to) ... and all I get for my efforts is a distant smudge!

Just a blur as my chauffeur drove us past
Righto, photos accomplished, but this was on our way out of Langley Mill on our way to the tin hut - via Nottinghamshire's Company of the Year 2012 - so please forgive the fuzziness of the last photo advertising a lard outlet ...

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Decree Absolute-ly

Now it's common knowledge among my friends that I've been living over t'brush for the last twelve and a half years. I was thinking of changing this status ...

I'm one of those individuals - probably borne out of sheer idleness - who never does today what can be put off until tomorrow ... or next week ... even better, next year (decade). This mind-set actually accounts for why it took nearly ten years to get divorced; not helped one iota by my ex-hubby (and friend) abiding by the same philosophy.

Anyway, after much badgering from family and friends - and don't forget, friends, if you don't shurrup I'll find me some new ones - I finally got the deed done. And to be honest, it was only because we were at the vets waiting for the cat's yearly overhaul, that I was close enough to the solicitors to make my first appointment.

It was fairly painless, except of course, to my bank balance. I was finally divorced three ago. My ex let me know because his decree absolute came straight from court, mine of course came from my solicitor; just to make sure they could squeeze every last penny out of me.

When my copy arrived, I gave it to the grumpy old man to put in his briefcase with all his important stuff, because I - being me - would have lost it.

If you're a seasoned reader of my blog - go and find something else to do - then you'll know that we got engaged on my 50th birthday, and as usual, why do today what can be put off ad infinitum?

There has since been even more badgering from friends - well one particular pain in the bum  - for us to get married. But as my ex said to me when I told him we were getting divorced ... 'What's the rush?' My grumpy old man certainly isn't in any hurry to get married and I'm sure I'll get around to doing it sometime.

Anyway, a few months ago I was talking via messenger to the friend who keeps asking ... 'Do I need a hat yet?' With the same reply as always ... 'You won't need one, you're not invited.' When I decided to search on t'Interweb for what documents we'd need if - you know, just in case - we went to the registry office.

Among them was my 'Decree Absolute' ... Oh, I know where that is, I'll just get it out. Off I went to rummage in grumpy's briefcase.

Oh, heck, it was there all right, and ever so easy to find - because some bleep bleep bleepety bleep t**t had written on the back of this legal document, telling me almost exactly what it is.

Well, any ideas of there being a grumpy + grumpess wedding this decade are so far off the scale as to be nigh on negligible. I mean, me being as pedantic as I am to the nth degree, I can't sit there smiling at the registrar and waft my decree absolute in front of him/her when it's got - in big, neat writing on the back - DEVORcE papers, now can I?

This was amongst my drafts dated 30.11.11, and, ahem ... seeing as we - finally - went to Ripley this morning to see the registrar to give notice of intent to marry, book our wedding and prove that we knew each other and aren't trying to have an illegal sham marriage.

And ... as I so v-e-r-y carefully opened out my decree absolute so she couldn't see the writing on the back - which was by now actually making the left side of my brain itch - phew, what a save. I thought I'd finally publish it ...

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Update on the Langley Mill roundabout

It has been acknowledged by ASDA and local council that Langley Mill island is not as safe as it could be.
Plans are now afoot to change lane discipline from two to one by removing the white lining as well as hatchings around the centre.
Apparently ASDA have agreed to fund the imminent changes.
Community and public pressure is NOW required and quickly before this minor work is carried out.
We need to press for better traffic control i.e PEDESTRIAN CROSSING WITH LIGHTS.
The island needs to be safer to negotiate for pedestrians  travelling from Langley Mill to Eastwood & visa versa.
There is a good possibility that public pressure can make this happen
Your comments, ideas, opinions and near misses (if any) that you have had or witnessed with regard to the roundabout need to be sent by email to the following          Also copy in the following:

These people need to know your views to make a safer crossing happen!!  GET EMAILING

Sunday, 15 July 2012

A Tiny Bit Peeved At Asda Langley Mill

Thanks to dayvee for filling in with his grumpiness while mine was taking a break ;-)

The majority of this post was written on June 17th, I didn't publish it then as  I was hanging on to it as promises had been made to me by Asda - thus I was hoping that things would improve - so no real point in venting my spleen. But seeing as things were exactly the same while we were at home last time, I decided to finish it: 

Just lately I seem to have had more than my fair share of annoyances - well I think so, and it's my blog and I'll whinge if I want to.

I won't go into great detail of all of my gripes here or I may just upset someone; and that would never do. But be warned - if the cap fits - this worm is on the turn. I will continue now with peeves that I am allowed to write about:

Ahem ... t'other Tuesday (29th May) we returned back to Langley Mill, there was no prising my fingers off of anything to make me leave my beloved tin hut this time, because I knew that when I got home I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of two items in the post.
  1. A shiny new Android jobby aka a Samsung Galaxy S2.
  2. A sheet of Baader AstroSolar safety film for my latest hobby (more about that soon).
Anyway, that very same evening, hang on, I need to check my 'tweets' for the times ... Aha, we'd been home two hours apparently - making it about 11.20 at night, when I was vibrating where I sat.

I went upstairs and looked through the window at the offending item before I stomped across to Asda, thinking they'd got a freezer unit parked up for their 'deep clean'. I was wrong (it happens). I asked the security guard - nicely, my bad temper had fizzled out in that short distance - for the manager. He duly arrived and I was apologised to and informed that it was a three hours late chiller lorry ... one of the old NOISY kind.

I can actually do the rest of this blog post with my tweets pertinent to Asda and life for me  - at this time - in Langley Mill. I've missed the other, much nicer and possibly more ladylike stuff out.

Of course, you're not forced to read it, but apart from me removing a few hash-tags (no, can't be bothered, I'll leave 'em)  and maybe moderating a bit of my worst bluster, the tweets are entirely genuine, as well as the dates and times stated.
  • 29 May 23.49 I must be on a very short fuse. Only been home 2 hours and already been across to #Asda to complain - but I was being shaken out of my chair.
  • 29 May 23.51 A chuffin (3 hours) late chiller lorry ... one of the old NOISY kind apparently. #AsdaLangleyMill night manager was lovely ... I wasn't ;-)
  • 30 May  6.16 Effin #Asda #LangleyMill have had me awake nearly 2 effin hours already with effin deliveries! Chucking lumps of metal in there now. Wan**rs
  • 30 May  6.19  Am now resigned to my awake status & started work. So thanks for that #Asda noisy sods! 3 wks away make me realise we put up with crap here! 
  • 30 May  6.25 At least I know where sun comes up (in case it's clear enough) for photos of #TransitOfVenus next week. I shall rely on #Asda to get me up.
  • 30 May 7.01 #Asda chiller lorry is out-noising my washing machine 2 rooms away. do you think I may be in a bad mood? Less than 4 hours sleep does that!
  • 1 Jun 9.03 Took a borrowed dog for a walk, looks very busy inside old #Netto. It's surprising how well the weeds in #LangleyMill hide #Asda's litter.
  • 2 Jun 0.28 Oh bo**ox. It's twatting teenage loony time in #LangleyMill. Morons shouting to each other about what time it is in front of our house :-(
  • 2 Jun 0.30 I'd forgotten how delightful #LangleyMill could be on a Friday night. That's only 3rd time they've been past lately. Roll on next week :-)
  • 2 Jun 0.33 Although now I think about it, it'll be same every night. Hope it rains every night, keep the little darlings at home with mummy & daddy ;-)
  • 2 Jun 0.36 & here they come again. Looked like they'd been evicted from #Asda earlier the way they were shoving trolleys about. Oh to be young & bored.
  • 2 Jun 2.06 Now I'm being shaken out of bed by an effin #Asda freezer lorry delivering more crap. I suppose it'll be the squeaky gates opening next :-(
  • 2 Jun 2.19 Brrrrrm ... bang, clatter. I wonder how many lies the #Asda manager would be prepared to tell about this delivery being late. Good training!
  • 2 Jun 2.26 Rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble. Funny there were no reversing squawks or bleeps. Maybe they thought it would wake me up. Rumble rumble.
  • 2 Jun 2.29 I suppose I could count #Asda pallets rumbling off the lorry instead of counting sheep to see if I could get back to sleep.
  • 2 Jun 2.34 Bugger, I've been awake so long that I'm hungry... Boom, squeak, brrrrrm clatter, clang. That's it, he's off. Another #Asda delivery done.
  • 2 Jun 2.38 They were very quiet with the gates. Damn that's annoying. I do like to whinge about #Asda's squeaky gates. Must have done good complaining.
  • 2 Jun 2.41 Well I'm very awake, playing I-spy on my own in the dark could be a challenge. I know, I'll open the blind & use #Asda's security light :-)
  • 2 Jun 3.12 Firkin hell! another bloody #Asda delivery. This one blared his bleeding horn! #SWAIN I think it says on front.
  • 2 Jun 3.14 Oh dear, half way through last tweet & he blared horn again. I lost the plot & went across in my dressing gown & trainers. Got nasty :-)
  • 2 Jun 3.17 Got on to security guard. Apologised to him. Saw a Kev (I think). Apparently no night staff & guess what!? Delivery was hours late. To**ers
  • 2 Jun 3.23 On the bright side, I Heard a cuckoo & then took photos of hedgehog on next door's yard. Rumble rumble rumble rumble.
  • 2 Jun 3.26 Ahhhh, grumpy has made me a lovely cup of tea. Rumble rumble rumble rumble. Long effin #Asda delivery 3.25 now. Rumble rumble rumble rumble.
  • 2 Jun 3.29 Oh s**t. I will no doubt be immortalised on a security video dressed like a Clampit, ranting & waving my arms about... Rumble rumble rumble
  • 2 Jun 3.36 Aha, tosspot has done his #Asda delivery. I do hope all his tyres spontaneously burst on the motorway. That chuffin gate is quiet tonight :)
  • 2 Jun 3.42 I've not had an hours sleep yet. I'll be ever so lovely tomorrow... Not! I wish I wasn't so grumpy, but I am being pushed a bit far.
  • 2 Jun 4.34 Wonder if #Asda #LangleyMill have finally realised they don't need to open 24hours seeing as there's no night staff. Oh yeah am still awake.
  • 2 Jun 4.37 I could eat a scabby dog's leg, I am starving! Hmm, come here scabby dog. Pthooo... too hairy ;-)
  • 2 Jun 5.21 Yet another #Asda delivery yawn. Oh yeah, security guard reminded me that it was a business & they had to deliver through the night. Rubbish
  • 2 Jun 5.25 Still not been to sleep since they woke me with #Asda delivery at 2.00am. This one is bleeping in & there's some nice preparation clanking!
  • 2 Jun 5.28 How many attempts does he need to reverse into #Asda? Still chuffin bleeping. Ahh, he's in. Now for the rumbles to start.
  • 2 Jun 5.31 I think I'll print my tweets & give them to Ms #Asda manager when I visit her tomorrow oops today. Will save me telling her what I think :'(
  • 2 Jun 6.13 And another completed #Asda delivery. Yes I'm still awake. Bang clank. And another one in. Oh it's effin freezer lorry now. Chuff me!
  • 2 Jun 6.22 #Asda really taking wee wee now with bloody banging & clanking, now rumbling. They in too much hurry. You're a load of to**ers in there! :-(
  • 2 Jun 6.45 Well this has to be considered one of #Asda's noisiest deliveries yet. I really don't know how they got plans passed for 24hour deliveries.
  • 2 Jun 6.47 I still haven't slept, 1st 2 hours #Asda's delightful younger customers. (trolley in middle of road). Rest of night delivery after delivery!
  • 2 Jun 6.52 Bloody hell! Another one. Bloody #ARLA now, he did a turn around the yard, he'll have to wait his turn until freezer lorry done :-(
  • 2 Jun 6.55 #Kingsmill waiting at #Asda now. At least he's relatively quiet. But Asda's own lorry is still clanking. Yes the blind is open so I can see!
  • 2 Jun 6.58 Have #Asda forgotten that they're open bank hols? I'm sure they must have had more deliveries than normal for the prats panic shopping.
  • 2 Jun 7.05 I need to find somewhere else to live. Many more nights like this I'll end up in a nut house. Or prison when I'm driven to do summat stupid!
  • 2 Jun 7.10 Sick of hearing that bloody #Asda lorry engine. Oh, he's going. #ARLA is back for his turn, #Kingsmill is in. Oh it's Arla making noise now!
  • 2 Jun 7.14 Got a headache, that's every morning since I've been back in this hole! I'd like someone from #Asda to come here to listen to all this crap!
  • 2 Jun 7.19 I see last night's little #Asda shoppers left a can on neighbours car as well as trolley in road. How delightful.
  • 2 Jun 7.43 #ARLA is still bloody droning on & on. Meanwhile there's all the clanking in the background. I hate #Asda. Ooh, they've left yard gate open.
  • 2 Jun 7.46 I could nip round & do some real damage, yeah right. They've got my name, address, phone number... And my #Clampit impression on video :-)
  • 2 Jun 7.50 Disguise, oh yes! Stilts & a beard... And #ARLA drones on... Dark glasses & a wig. Effin tannoy now! They're coming to take me away haha ;-)
  • 2 Jun 7.54 Ha! #ARLA is done. He struggles in & out that gate every time. Have I gone deaf? My ears hurt. Ooh weird, oh not to worry cages clattering.
  • 2 Jun 9.13 Woohoo! Just had phone call from #Asda apologising for last night & they're trying to get it sorted. Apparently they're having depot issues.
  • 2 Jun 19.13 Had another phone call from #Asda #LangleyMill to warn us of impending late noise tonight. My #Clampit impression must have been scary :-D
  • 3 Jun 00.22 #Asda's promised late delivery has arrived. I don't honestly know what to make of them telling me, as they always have one at this time.
    During my phone-call from Asda, I was - as is their wont - assured that Asda don't receive deliveries during the night and this was only a one off as they were having problems at their depot. The ACTUAL manager was on the phone to them about my complaint of that moron blaring the horn six times just before 3.00am. To be honest in my opinion, Asda is just a cheap business, run on a shoestring and bugger anyone who lives nearby because they'll just lie to you, even with the evidence of their own eyes.

    Update 9th July: 

    As I said at the start, I saved the above for when we went home again to either NOT publish because Asda in their wisdom decided to give me some peace; having promised to sort things out regards night time noise. Or more likely for when I was going to be in another bad mood, i.e. when Asda next kept me awake. Unfortunately my brain is so fuzzy from lack of sleep when I'm at home that this has had to wait until I was 'tin-hutted' again.

    We were at home for 139 hours (Tuesday afternoon - Monday morning), in that time Asda and the feral pack of teenagers that roam Langley Mill's streets at night allowed me to sleep all of 16 hours; and none of them were undisturbed. 

    Anyway, it's safe to say that Asda staff talk a load of BO**OCKS. Nothing whatsoever has changed. I was up all night alternately working and tweeting - but we're already bored with the last lot so I'm not repeating them - again last week while we were home.

    What I really can't stand and take exception to, is the bare faced lies senior Asda staff tell about their deliveries 'never happening at night unless they're late'. I counted seven deliveries in one night between 2.50am and 7.00am. Time you stopped lying Asda, and it's also time I stopped giving you the chance to improve because you'll never - voluntarily - do it ...

    Saturday, 7 July 2012

    Asda Island Langley Mill: Safe or Dangerous?

    This post is written by a fellow Twitterer (and fairly prolific commenter). He was going to do it as a comment but they sometimes get missed, so I suggested he become a blog author: So, meet dayvee ...


    It all started for me on 17th September 2010 when my wife and I was taking our granddaughter out for a walk, well she was in her push chair due to her being only 2 years of age.
    Walking along Station Rd heading towards Eastwood we encountered the new roundabout at the junction of Cromford Rd.  Immediately something about the island struck me that this was not a comfortable place to cross to make our way towards Eastwood.
    The old zebra crossing had gone with nothing to replace it other than a tactile kerb to give the pedestrian confidence.
    There was no other option other than use the opposite side of the road which had and still has no footpath.
    I was so concerned that I wrote to Asda, several threads of email were exchanged comprising of many questions aimed mainly at safety including photographs to back up the questions, no satisfactory answers came back.
    Communications finished 13th December 2010 and I dare say by more luck than judgement as far as I am aware there has not been an accident involving a pedestrian.
    I would like to know if anyone else is aware of an accident on or relevant to the island.

    Because of the “Grumpy Old Woman’s BlogSpot” the topic has been revived and it is thanks to Julie that she has allowed me to write, hopefully to raise more local interest in order to highlight safety concerns to the council which in turn they should place pressure or request those responsible to make the roundabout more safe for pedestrians of all capabilities.
    (See below in quote the section underlined)

    I have recently opened discussions this time with Councillor Kevin Parkinson who appears to have more interest than those in the past.
    I forwarded all previous discussion threads including photographs to him asking for the answers to my questions.  He admits that he is not qualified to answer most of them; however he does write in his final thread “Quote”…

    To confirm, Asda were responsible for their build which was approved by Amber Valley Borough Council.
    As the highway authority we are responsible for ensuring new developers, in this case Asda, fund any necessary road traffic and pedestrian measures that meet the statutory requirements contained in the regulation and best practice available.

    In terms of the existing arrangements I am satisfied they meet the regulatory requirements and confirm Asda is a responsible neighbour which is always crucial to secure necessary highway improvements.

    Part of the agreement with Asda carried a clause for us to include any retrospective improvements 'should' any new information or persistent concerns occur.

    I can assure you, that as local member; I have consistently reviewed the situation around Asda and consulting with our professional officers, remain satisfied.

    We all are reliant upon road users and pedestrians observing good high way code disciplines, and the existing highway arrangements very much factored minimising risks.
    In terms of the points you outlined, I am not qualified to respond and have asked officers to respond on my behalf.
    As I explained, we are currently working with a new developer and are seriously considering our S278 highway requirements to allow that build and fast food operation to occur.

    I have a meeting shortly with officers responsible for negotiating these requirements and I will ensure your comments are considered accordingly.
    I have also included the Parish Council who should be aware of your concerns.

    I have replied to Councillor Parkinson appertaining to the above.
    You will see within the above written quote that I have underlined and placed in bold a section where I believe that we the public in numbers could pursue and (for want of a better word), force their hand to make the roundabout more safe for pedestrians to include sound and visual aids.
    S278 that Councillor refers to is primarily an agreement between the local authority and developer in respect of what work is to be done, the price and other bits and bobs, not necessarily safety crossing aids.  It may be they were not placed in the contract due to price, which in my opinion is not serving the public well.

    Change can only be considered if we have hoards of Langley Millers raising issues of complaint
    I would also be happy to read your thoughts and ideas regarding the roundabout.

    If anyone is interested in viewing all the questions that has been placed to Asda and councillor Parkinson, also the photographs (to get a feel of where we are with it) I will be only too happy to post them, just let me know. 
    Only for fear of boring you is the reason why I have not posted them here and now.
    As and when I receive information or updates I will post them.

    Many thanks GG

    (David Vowles)