Monday, 30 July 2012

Langley Mill's Flowers 2012

Cromford Road lamppost still out of (main) sight, out of mind.

I've been a bit long in doing this post as I've had rather a lot on my mind lately and blogging just wasn't on my list of things I must do.

Ahem, it has also been nestling comfortably amongst my drafts awaiting completion for the last month:

Rumours and facts ... you can choose which is which this time:
  1. Potters/Co-op on Cromford Road is already up for sale.
  2. Some councillors aren't as bright as they're meant to be.
  3. A completed car-wash valeting service on Dean Street wasn't (environmentally) approved.
  4. There will soon be more roadworks in Langley Mill.
  5. The tyre filled trailer park on the Mill car park is a fire hazard.
  6. AVBC have been looking at my blog.
  7. The ILLEGAL car wash on Station Road is still going strong.
Ahem, we all know that I'm at the front of the queue when it comes to criticizing our local - and borough - council, so it's only fair that I should pass comment when I think they've done good.

Next to derelict Mill pub
I'm quite sure that this year's Langley Mill flower display has absolutely nothing to do with me having a blogging strop, stamping my size 6's and publishing photos comparing our lack of flowers to a nearby town's wonderful display last year. But I would like to say 'THANK YOU' to Langley Mill and Aldercar council - or whatever they insist on calling themselves - for our current lamppost and road barriers displays.

Although, considering the amount of money our council receives, I think Langley Mill should actually resemble Kew Gardens - oh I see, the entire £85,000 (before donations) isn't all for flowers and Christmas lights, shame ;-) ... apparently nearly £30,000 is for General Administration and £27,000+ is for salaries and national insurance.

If it ever stops raining long enough while I'm actually in Langley Mill, I will venture out with my camera to take some photos of our much cheerier village ... although it is still a disgusting tat-strewn tip, flowers can't hide everything.

This also requires that I use the correct settings on my camera ... sigh. My latest hobby is photographing sunspots (it is possible with our weather, honest), and I then tend to forget that the camera is set for such an event. I'm in the habit of grabbing it, pointing and clicking merrily away at say - a squirrel, which is skilfully doing a handstand whilst simultaneously juggling five peanuts with his feet, and spitting seed at a blackbird (yeah well, it's my blog and I'll exaggerate if I want to) ... and all I get for my efforts is a distant smudge!

Just a blur as my chauffeur drove us past
Righto, photos accomplished, but this was on our way out of Langley Mill on our way to the tin hut - via Nottinghamshire's Company of the Year 2012 - so please forgive the fuzziness of the last photo advertising a lard outlet ...


  1. I will give AVBC a ring to see if Langley255 required planning approval for the many signs that they have erected around Langley Mill, in fact I saw the 2 guys who were putting them up one Saturday morning as I returned from Lidl many weeks ago !

    ALI (Gladstone St.)

  2. Tut tut, I put on a photo of pretty flowers and straight away you spot a 'should it/shouldn't it be there' sign. I did wonder what it was for though. Something on access 26 I presume.

  3. Don't forget that a Local 'car boot' was fined by the Courts when AVBC gave several warnings about persistant illegal signs on the grass verges of the A610 and the Asda roundabout and many other areas, the fine ran into several hundreds of pounds.

    ALI (Gladstone St.)

    1. Hmmm, if AVBC move as fast on this as they have on the doss-hole car wash, they should be good for another few years advertising.


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