Friday, 26 June 2009

Asda's latest Langley Mill Exhibition

We went to the Bridge Centre 'Asda Exhibition' on Wednesday evening, spoke at length to a very nice lady from Amber Valley Council Planning [Development Manager].

As well as our major concern over Heanor Haulage & their proposed workshop, I told her that there were bats roosting somewhere, but that we weren't sure which building they're in [I like bats]. At some point I suggested that it would be useful for privacy on both sides if they could retain the trees behind us on HH land where they propose to build houses.

She told us to put all our comments & concerns in writing [before 13 July]. There were printed sheets for us to use & a box to put them in or we could take the paper away to fill in & post, plus there's an email address for those of us who've lost the art of handwriting or are just too mean to buy a stamp [that covers both me & the grumpy old man].

What the f*** are Heanor Haulage doing now? The noisy b*****ds!!

I digress, but I'm having trouble concentrating with all the noise on the back from HH playing with yet another crane!

Now where was I? I've completely lost the thread now. Oh yes, Asda...

We then spoke to one of the Asda planners. We told him that we were very much in favour of the proposed Asda store but were worried about the close proximity of the Heanor Haulage workshop, he promised that they'd look into it, he seemed understanding about our concerns. We discussed where we went shopping now, agreeing that we liked Morrisons. I said that we'd definitely shop at Asda as we liked shopping there, but the most convenient Asda store for us at the moment is Sutton-in-Ashfield.

Whilst we were on 'all things Asda', I think I even managed to sell him Asda mobile - at 8p a minute & 4p a text that I'd converted some of my friends to, [It's one of my duties to find the best deals for my crumbly friends] he said it'd be ideal for his sons. As he already knew that Asda mobile piggy-backed on Vodafone I suspect he may have been humouring me.

There was no-one there to represent Heanor Haulage. Now why doesn't that surprise me?...

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