Monday, 15 June 2009

Is It Only Me?

Recently for some bizarre reason, my grumpy old man has taken to calling me Judy, it's a nice enough name but it's not mine.

I've put it down to senility on his part but was still a bit puzzled when I questioned him why he would think that Judy was anything like Julie.

"Well it sounds the same" was the reply upon interrogation about who this 'Judy' might be.
But I don't get it, the only similarity is that it starts 'Ju'. So I interrogated a bit further, in my own nice way.

"When you say or think a persons name, do you see it spelt out?" was my first question.
Reply "spelt where?"
I could see this wasn't going to be easy, my victim, sorry I mean my grumpy old man was either being deliberately obtuse or as I was beginning to suspect, it's me that's odd.

"Ok, when you think or talk do you just see the entire thought or can you see it spelt out, sort of inside your forehead?"

Victim's vague reply "um, owd on a minute, I've gorra 'oss in this race".

End of this line of interrogation - I know I'm wasting my time when the racing is on. So, Judy it is then, makes a refreshing change from 'me duck' I suppose.

Conclusion - I'm weird, everything I think or say is spelt out. I never have a single thought that I don't see whizzing across my brain spelt out in words, even the misspelling of the few I get wrong like nessessary [I have to look that one up every single time I use it], there's no wonder I get headaches...

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