Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Been Out to Avoid Listening to Heanor Haulage

It's a rum do when you can't stay in your own home because of unnecessary noise, we had to go out as I couldn't bear it any longer.

Of course this meant that we missed the man from Environmental Health who called, but I did do some filming on my trusty camera before we went out if he's remotely interested.

We have to put up with that crap from Heanor Haulage every late spring/summer, I don't know why they don't do it on their front yard instead of at the back of us, it's plenty big enough [where Asda hope to go].
Actually I do know why they don't do it on their front yard, it's because it's effin NOISY! & they wouldn't want to disturb the office workers, bugger the nearby residents that Mr Heanor Haulage told my other half years ago that he didn't want to upset, because they planned to be here a long time.

My other half, never giving it a thought, had left the car windows open a little before we decided that we couldn't stay in & listen to the noise any longer, the inside was covered in gritty dust, obviously the outside was just plain filthy as were all the other cars up here.

Does Asda seriously want to be neighbours with Heanor Haulage?

I've finally come to the conclusion that Mr Heanor Haulage is an ignorant man & does exactly what he wants, when he wants & where he wants!
I wish I could have the the same attitude & be as happy with myself as he is after causing so much upset & bother to other people who so obviously just do not matter.

And PMB Pallet Express [in Heanor Haulage buildings], will you stop waking me up at 5.15 virtually every morning?!

My exclamation mark key is getting very wobbly!!!!


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