Thursday, 25 March 2010

It Has Begun

Oh I say! We’re being fenced in ... er … out.

Work started at the crack of dawn - relatively speaking, it was the crack of my dawn [8.00am] - on fencing the Heanor Haulage buildings off from Bridge Street.

This should be fun, the street is already very narrow, with hardly any opportunity to turn cars around and they’ve reduced the width by at least 2ft. Also come teatime, there are always about half a dozen cars parked on that side of the road, hmm, interesting.

OK, latest rumours:
  1. The new fence will be up for 2 years.
  2. Asda will be open by November 2010 [less of a rumour than you may think].
  3. April 6th is start of Demolition.
  4. Asda will be open by November 2011 [not my fault, I didn't start this rumour].
  5. The buildings nearest to us are coming down first so footpath 53 can be sorted.
  6. We are just going to have landscaping across from us until a decision is made on the bit of land where Heanor Haulage workshop and offices were going. 
  7. They've got to move the nice clean, graffitiless boarding as it shouldn't be on the road.
  8. Some people in a more nobby area of Langley Mill had been offered £25 to go to a council meeting to come up with ideas on how to spend Asda's bribe S106 money.

  1. The building across the top of the street is almost empty.
  2. Car parking spaces will be at a premium.
  3. It's still busy and very full on HH's back yard.
  4. A man has just delivered a note saying that the asbestos roofs will be removed first, commencing 30th March.
Now where did I put my camera? I'm getting too old for all this multi-tasking:
  1. Re-installing the system on granddaughters netbook after trying and failing to repair it - oh heck, how did that happen? it's the wrong system!!
  2. Writing my blog.
  3. Taking photo's.
  4. Dying my hair - what time is it? Oh bugger, I need to rinse! ...

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