Thursday, 4 March 2010

A Bit Weird

For the past few days we've felt very minor vibrations [almost constantly throughout the day], at first it was only me but eventually the grumpy old man felt them too. This is fine when I'm walking around as it's barely discernible but this morning I was sat working. It was three hours of torture before I had to give in.

That's because the very subtle vibration precisely mimics the shakes I suffer when I go too long without food. So my brain assumes I'm hungry [I did have a snack upon this assumption the first time I felt it], my stomach tells my brain to get a grip because it's full, the brain tells the stomach to back off because it's in charge around here and if the stomach is full then it obviously needs emptying - the consequence is I feel sick - like travel sickness, I must be a bit odd.

I don't know where they're digging or what they're doing but I wish it would stop. I'd sooner have the full on oooooooeeerr vibration than this ...


  1. They were digging in the top corner of Wesley street near Heanor Haulages entrance/gates this morning, could be that?

  2. Hi, Be Un Limited-Mac-Safari

    Probably, it's been going on most of this week, I can feel it now. I'm going to have to walk around and take a few deep breaths in a minute before my brain wins this competition of where my stomachs contents should be. lol


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