Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Me And Alternate-Day Fasting ... Three Weeks On

Well, we've finally arrived home and naturally one of the first things I did was stand on the bathroom scales. There is an art to doing this correctly that every overweight person knows ... You have to lean to the left and as back as far as possible without actually falling off the scales. This will reduce your weight by at least 3 ounces.

My ancient bathroom scales decided not to play along, first they needed adjusting up by 4lb to reach 0. I was disgusted with the result until I stepped off them and saw that they were still stuck on 7lb. They were definitely going through the window (well they're in the bin). I went over to Asda to stock up on tins of chopped tomatoes - a lifesaver on the down days - plus other essentials and some really cheap scales.

They were much better! Whether or not they're telling the actual truth, they'll do for me. Result ... a total of 14lb loss over four weeks (this includes the time spent on the two cereals a day diet which did nothing but give me stomach cramps).

I had guessed roughly how much weight I'd lost, and I know that naturally as with every diet you come across, some of it was bound to be muscle. I tried my very best to make sure the fat/muscle ratio was as good as could be, by frequently exercising using a Reebok side stepper with resistance bands.

Only three weeks in and I've lost 2" from my waist and hips, and 1" from my boobs - I say boobs but we all know I mean my back because they haven't budged by so much as a millimetre (as per usual). Before we came home ALL our tin hut neighbours were saying they could tell I was losing weight. In fact as I write this, one of my neighbours will be starting the same diet as she feels over-chunky around her midriff. She was impressed with my obvious weight loss and the ease with which I achieved it.

I fully expect over the next and subsequent months to lose less and less weight. This is normal and I've been on enough diets to know this, also as my basal metabolic rate reduces, so will the calories needed to actually keep losing weight on the down days. I'm at 500 calories now but can foresee that I will most likely need to drop to 400 in the near future. The up days will also need a reduction but this will be easy as I'm soon full.

So far the diet has been sheer pleasure, obviously I'm getting a buzz out of losing weight - who wouldn't - but my energy levels have shot through the roof ... I feel like swinging from chandeliers, bouncing off the walls and jumping off of things.

The only down side so far, is that I'm even clumsier than I was before. I've always walked into things, but being marginally lighter means that when I launch myself in any direction, I get there sooner than expected. There are at least five conversations a day with grumpy about door-frames, tables and cupboards, along the lines of 'who put that there?' And twice I've walked into my stepper ... I'm on a very risky route to another broken toe.

I've invested in The Alternate-Day Diet book by Doctor Johnson, it is very interesting albeit far too scientific to hold my attention for any great length of time, so I only read it in short bursts. I told my friend yesterday that I felt WIRED and now I've just read the bit where he used the exact same word to describe how people on the diet feel, hmmm, just like when Asda have kept me awake for two or three consecutive nights.

I did NOT follow the rules about using diet shakes in the first two weeks on down days, why should I? I'm grown up enough to know what I'm eating and well able to count the calories without cheating. Also as I mentioned in my last dieting post, I'm not actually doing this on alternate days but only Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with other weekdays and whole weekends totally free to eat what I like.

Now here's the weird thing, by the third weekend, all I could think about was wanting Monday to come so I could be in proper control of my eating, which was daft because even on the up days (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sunday) I am still basically eating healthy food, just with a few added extras.

I actually find the down days easier than the up days, mainly because contrary to popular belief that ALL fat people stuff themselves silly, I don't have a big appetite, nor fortunately do I have a sweet tooth. But I love nuts and cheese - which I've now virtually given up, sigh - and Hovis Seed Sensation under my Lurpak ... and jacket potatoes under my cheese and Lurpak. Then there's the weekly pizza and the fortnightly Indian etc. And we're not even going to mention the Whisky. So with me I'm afraid it was WHAT I ate, rather than how much.

Of course the Doughnut competition didn't help either ... Us and the tin hut neighbours seeing who could buy each other the most jammy doughnuts from Morrisons = one a day each! And not at all bad for someone who doesn't even particularly like them. Now we've all given them up (or so they say).

Last Saturday I had a little apple pie with a minuscule amount of ice-cream on it, and all I could think about was getting on my stepper to negate those specific calories. This is BAD, I'm allowed to eat what I want on up days without the guilt trip, but it's a hard dieting habit to break.

On Sunday I had my usual Jordans Muesli breakfast and because my dinner stretched to two meals (fairly normal), I had approximately 1000 calories all day and didn't want anything more. So now my Sundays will be neither up nor down days, more of an in-between. And since I finished reading the book the same night, I see that I'm perfectly normal in doing exactly this ...


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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Mill Pub Fire August 2012

 By Guest Blogger ALI

Well The Mill pub is back in the headlines again for all the wrong reasons, in the early hours of Thursday 23rd August at around 5am the Derbyshire fire service were attending yet ANOTHER fire at the premises, this fire required the use of three appliances which included a 'high rise pump' to tackle the roof fire.

Road closures caused severe traffic problems until after midday, finally getting back to 'normal' at 12.30. Now the inspection of the building starts and to possible causes?

Strange how this fire comes only a short time after the refusal to accept an offer just under the 'reserve' of £215K at the auction. If the building is in a fit and safe state NOT to require demolition is yet to be decided, many locals are hoping it WILL need to come down and rid this Parish of one of its MANY eyesores!

ALI (Gladstone St.)

Monday, 20 August 2012

Me And Alternate Day Fasting

Yes, I'm on a diet ... it originally started as a joke about grumpy being able carry me over the threshold without having to do it one leg at a time ... or (before anyone else suggests it) asking Mr Heanor Haulage if he can borrow his crane. I think even if I do lose a few pounds the best I can hope for is a fireman's lift ... but only if we can stop laughing long enough.

Now being at the tin hut with just a tape measure - which tells dreadful lies about my porkiness - to check my progress, is a tiny bit unsatisfactory. But hopefully, I may get a pleasant surprise once I'm home for a few days. 

If things are looking good, then I'll be found almost constantly wearing the bathroom scales as an extension under my feet (which also makes me two inches taller so less under-height for my weight) ... on the other hand, I may just throw them through the window in disgust - I am likely to do this.

Any advocates of ADF reading this and screaming at me that 'day one' was totally wrong ... I know. And it was never repeated on subsequent down days. I started this diet mid-week on a whim and was - of course - totally unprepared.

I have decided in my wisdom that this subject is best handled by those most directly involved, namely my stomach and brain ... and a few other body parts for good measure. So, ahem, here goes:

Day One

Stomach: Look here, we've not long since had breakfast and she's bending over.
Brain: She's bowling.
Stomach: Well I can't confirm that our contents will stay down if she keeps this up.
Brain: Okay, stomach. I'll tell her to delay bowling in future.
Stomach: Ugh, luke warm mazzy watter tea, what's that for?
Brain: Sorry, no choice, she's overheating and dehydrating.
Stomach: Salt? Where's that from?
Brain: Top lip.
Stomach: S-n-o-t! ... is she eating bogies?
Brain: It's sweat, she's fifty-two, not two. Now push off, I've got to concentrate.
Stomach: On what?
Brain: Coordination ... she keeps lumbering about, bends down with her ar*e in the air and chucks a lump of black plastic at a white dot. Then of course eyes and right arm can't agree on which direction to throw it ... I think this is meant to be 'exercise for crumblies'
Stomach: Oh.

Stomach: Oi! Isn't it time we had food? I've finished with the muesli and we're all clear for the next lot.
Brain: She's on a diet.
Stomach: Give me strength, I thought we'd just done one.
Brain: We have.
Stomach: Shouldn't it be muesli again now?
Brain: No, I told you, we've done with the two cereals diet.
Stomach: What was wrong with that?
Brain: Another organ wasn't happy; requested a change.
Stomach: Oh, her at the end of the line? She's a prima donna that one, can't take work.

Stomach: So, is it Monday again already?
Brain: No, Wednesday.
Stomach: Wednesday! I thought it was in the rules that diets start on a Monday.
Brain: Yeah, and finish by Tuesday.

Stomach: Oi! Can you make her eat, it's a bit empty in here, I can see my creases.
Brain: I'll try, but I can't promise anything.
Stomach: Well?
Brain: Nothing doing.
Stomach: I'll do some squeezing and wobbling, that'll work.
Brain: Notice to all organs, this is a yellow alert, stomach is going to be a little disruptive ... Go ahead stomach.

Stomach: WTF! ... WATER!! What am I supposed to do with that? It's just ... wet.
Brain: Stop whinging will you, it won't last.
Stomach: Are you sure?
Brain: Yeah, she watched Horizon - Eat, Fast and Live Longer - the other night. It's yet another faddy diet she thinks is a good idea.
Stomach: Well it's not.
Brain:Hmmm, I'm not so sure, she could do with shifting some lard.
Stomach: Woohoo! Food coming, it's hot, yippee ... soup, where's the bread? No bread? Hold on ... it's got no substance ... slimming soup ugh.

Brain: Stomach wake up! something is on its way.
Stomach: Yeuch! hot mazzy watter ... again.
Brain: It's fruit tea ... 2 calories.
Stomach: I could have told you that, there's nowt in it.

Stomach: ALERT, ALERT we're drowning, there's water coming in by the bucket full!
Brain: Calm down, you've fallen asleep again ... she's drinking.
Stomach: Water????? ... Again, twice in one year.
Brain: I think you've got to get used to it for a day or so. 
Stomach: I can't work under these conditions ... we may have to take action.
Brain: All the other organs are working optimally. Get over yourself stomach.
Stomach: Are we doing this again tomorrow?
Brain: I'm not really sure ... but I don't think so.

Day Two

Stomach: Aaaagghhhh, what's happening? I'm in a vice, I can't move. HELP!
Brain: Stop panicking, she's trying clothes on to see if they fit yet.
Stomach: Well tell her they don't.
Brain: Lungs ... deflate a little, make room for fatso.
Left Lung: Is stomach complaining again?
Brain: Yes.
Right lung: Stomach's got more wind than both of us put together.
Stomach: OUT OUT! Not in ... morons.

Stomach: Oho, muesli ... er, are we back on the cereals diet again?
Brain: No.
Stomach: Oooh no, there's Greek yoghurt ... no honey though. I'd better get busy.
Brain: Ummm, hang on a minute, slow down ... I'm confused, we've had coffee and a biscuit, yes?
Stomach: I dealt with that ages ago ... keep up.
Brain: O-k-a-y ... but there might not be too much more.
Stomach: Don't be daft, it's Tuesday, diet done, food is here, it needs digesting.
Brain: It's Thursday. Hmmm, slow down.
Stomach: You do your job, I'll do mine - slurp, gurgle - and proper Yorkshire tea, YUM.

Brain: Lunch on its way ... poached eggs on toast.
Stomach: Goody, I'll get this lot digested ready for the afternoon doughnut and coffee, I don't want that hanging around to spoil dinner.
Brain: She says not.
Stomach: Not what?
Brain: No doughnut.
Stomach: Fruit pie and ice-cream?
Brain: Just coffee.
Stomach: Coffee?

Brain: RED ALERT! RED ALERT! eyes and ears  ... SWITCH OFF!
Stomach: What shouldn't she see or hear?
Brain: Grumpy getting a doughnut out and making a major performance of it.
Stomach: I want a doughnut, we've got plenty of room and lots of acid ready.
Brain: I say ... she's just called grumpy a git because he's wandering around eating a doughnut with jam running down his fingers.
Stomach: We're really not having one?
Brain: Oh ... eyes have spotted him surreptitiously cleaning jam off his shorts ... All body parts stand by for laughter.

Brain: You've got a meal arriving, it's a proper plateful.
Stomach: Is it worth getting excited about?
Brain: Hmmm, it's just healthy green, red and orange crunchy stuff, Oh there's a Jacket potato.
Stomach: Yay, BUTTER!!  Ready ... on standby.
Brain: Nope, no butter.

Brain: Well, she's obviously eating properly now after yesterday's peculiarity, so clearly we don't need to go into starvation mode to save our blubber. Therefore, let's maintain our middle-aged metabolism as it is.
Stomach: I'll second that, it's looking good in here now ... apart from the complete lack of doughnut.

Brain: Right, body ... we really need to make up for yesterday's deficit, can we please release some fat stores.
Body: Not on your nelly, it's taken years to save all this lot.
Brain: Just do it.
Body: Won't ...

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Not Dotting The i's

I did warn you that there would be lots more of this:

I was doodling the other day ... the type of doodling I've not done in over 25 years ... yes, I was practising my POSSIBLE future signature. 'OH NOOOOOOOOO' ... I wailed, I can't have that. It's horrible, I've lost my i's.

I currently have two i's in my surname, and when I do my signature I draw rings above them rather than just boring dots. Yes I know I've still got one in Julie, but I rarely - if ever - sign my full name ... boo hoo, hoo, hoo hoo, hoo.

There came a spate of daft suggestions, among them ... have a middle name with i's in it - yes I know, I already said I don't sign with my first name, I just use the initial so this suggestion was completely useless.

But ahem, once we're in wappy mode, it's hard to get out of - this may or may not be an age thing, or we could just be that couple that everyone tries to avoid because they think we've escaped from somewhere secure.

'Iris' ... says I. 'But do you like it?' ... he asks. 'Nope, it's fuddy duddy, hmmm.'

'MISSISSIPPI'  ... he announced. I gave him one of my looks. 'Mississippi? Mississippi? Are you right sharp?' ... 'Well it's got i's in it'.

Ahem, I am now known variously as - Mississippi - Missi - Sippi - Pissi and Missis Julie Sippi ...

Saturday, 11 August 2012

My Meeting With Councillor Kevin Parkinson re ASDA Island Safety.

By Dayvee

I arrived at the island earlier than planned, and placed my backside on a bench facing the island.  I thought I’d have a few moments watching the traffic and pedestrians go about their business.

The island activity was blistering but then it was peak time, this doesn’t excuse the poor, erratic, selfish driving. 
Not by everyone I have to say, there were some drivers who were courteous to others and used the island as I would term correctly.

Here are some of my observations during a period of only 15 minutes. 
  • Some drivers didn’t indicate their intended direction.
  •  Many drivers chose the wrong lane and involved cutting other drivers up. 
  •  There were drivers who attacked the island as if it was their enemy or race track, they couldn’t get on or off it quick enough.
  • One driver went round 1½ times.  He came from Eastwood end, did a complete lap then left for Heanor, a case of wrong lane and no indication.
  • Two pedestrians became stranded on the splitter island in the middle of Cromford road; they started from “The Mill” side and were heading toward ASDA with a two wheeled shopping trolley in tow.  They made it quite comfortably to the splitter island but leaving it was a very nerving ordeal for them.  It was a gamble when to leave the island in order to cross the second half.  This was due to the traffic coming off the island and leaving ASDA with and without indication.

 Soon after Councillor Parkinson arrived and our discussion began.

I was told By Councillor Parkinson that: 
  •  The island and alterations to the approach roads were constructed with the assumption and expectation that both drivers and pedestrians are aware and use the highway in accordance laid down in “The Highway Code”.
  • There is no reported or local knowledge of any incident or accident involving a pedestrian, cyclist or motor cyclist using the island. Asda is a responsible neighbour, and has continued to work with our highways officers since the store opened keeping the island and road safety considerations of pedestrians, which has led to an agreed, set of new highway improvements to the island.’ (This section has been edited by Julie. Apologies to Councillor Parkinson for the error)
  •  A blind or vision impaired person will be expected to have a person/partner, guide dog or at least a white stick to aid crossing, it is also expected that drivers will stop for such a person to allow safe crossing. 
  • Traffic lights cannot be installed close to the island as it will cause traffic build up, on and off the island which would be hazardous.  The pedestrian controlled traffic lights near “The Railway Tavern” and KFC would have to be removed. The reason being that the light sequence could not be synchronized with those on the island if fitted. If they could It would also be too expensive. 
  • The McDonalds build has been approved to go ahead after finalizing and getting approval of the changes to the road/footpath layout. Had the public used the moment more actively and raised their objections at the time of notice being given, then the McDonalds franchisee would have had to re-think.
  • He will do everything he can to hold up the building of McDonalds until he is absolutely satisfied that the road/footpath layout meets with his and the highway’s authority approval, at the moment it doesn’t.  All previous road layout plans have been rejected.
  • It will be in the interest of McDonald’s franchisee to be patient and come up with the correct solution for customer vehicle access and exit and how it integrates with the island on station road. 
  • There will be a clause built into the contract, in that if after a period of time it is found that the island or road layout is not working as well as it could or should, then the McDonalds franchisee will be responsible for the funding to make any necessary changes.
  • It would be a good idea to involve and work with the Parish Council.
  • Work is on-going to move the car wash lot which is next to “The Railway Tavern”. 
  • “The Mill” (derelict building) if eventually sold has or will have restrictions place upon it as to what could be made of it.  It may be that a compulsory purchase order be placed on it with the intention of demolition.
After reading the above I can appreciate some of the comments will infuriate certain people and rightly so.

Unfortunately the horse has bolted and we are where we are.

I suggest if you have any questions or clarification relating to the above they would best directed to Councillor Parkinson.  or on twitter @GreaterHeanor ... I found him to be very obliging and informative.

Do we have any chance to make the McDonald’s franchisee move his restaurant to…

I have a slight (very slight) suspicion that McDonalds HQ could be persuaded to advise their franchisee to build down near KFC. Spare land is already there waiting for development.

No brainer to me.  CRAZY ISN’T IT?

I am of the opinion that the restaurant could be open for business sooner if built near KFC, than if they ran the time consuming course of getting approval for the already problematic road layout at the Island which could hopefully go on and on and on.

I think that McDonalds HQ need to know how much we are opposed to their franchisee building on the previous CJ car sales site.  And make them aware of
If our case encouraged and welcomed the build to be in the same area as KFC as opposed to not having one who knows?

The last thing they need is negative publicity and would prefer it if the public were on their side.

It is possible that we have lost the battle but there is nothing to stop us from continuing with the war and make it very uncomfortable for them by using the almighty weight of the public of whom they will rely on for their business.
Below (Where we want to be) ironically, is a section off the McDonald’s web site.
I have underlined, made bold and coloured red which contradicts the CJ site at Langley Mill.
I will be compiling a letter to the CEO, McDonald’s head office; if anyone else cares to add their weight, his address is shown at the bottom.  Surely must be worth a stamp, or you can Tweet @McDonalds  and  #McDonalds and Facebook them, get your contacts/friends to share your FB post.

Dare I say it the more the better, united we stand … 

Where we want to be

Due to the growing success of the Company, the intention is to increase the pace of acquisitions with a target of 30 new restaurant openings per year from 2011, which will create up to 1800 new job opportunities annually.
The primary vehicle for this expansion will be freestanding drive-thru restaurants where convenience is key or locations in new or existing retail and leisure parks and transport hubs where visits are often part of a linked trip.
Where McDonald's differs from its Competitors
All leases are taken in the McDonald's Restaurants Ltd name
·         McDonald's take leases up to 25 years
·         McDonald's has a superior covenant strength achieving yields of between 5% and 6%
What are the site requirements
·         Mixed Use/Retail Parks/Leisure Parks/Main Arterial Routes
·         Co-location opportunities with hotels considered
·         Ideal site size is 0.5+ acres
·         All opportunities considered: Standalone units/Leasehold or Freehold - sites up to one acre
·         Pub conversions

For the personal and private attention of
Don Thompson CEO Restaurants Ltd:
McDonald's Restaurants Ltd:
11 - 59 High Road
East Finchley
N2 8AW

Thursday, 9 August 2012

What's In A Name?

I'm afraid to say that you may have to get used to several blog posts referring to my upcoming wedding ... this is only to be expected, I am a woman.

Ahem, last week I was cruising t'Interweb to see what was required of me regards name change once the deed was done. I know I've done it once before but this was last century (25 years ago) and pre-Internet so not that many places where I needed to change it. But now in this more modern era, my name and indeed my present debit card details are liberally spread about. Damn, I just remembered another one to add to the never-ending list ... lawn bowls ergo my East Lindsey Keycard.

'Bugger it!' I announced. 'I'm not going through all that hoo hah to change my name, I like the one I've got and I'm keeping it.' This did not go down well amongst some of my lady friends (hmmm, surprisingly ... obviously they're not feminists). They seem to think I was being disrespectful to grumpy by not changing my name to match his.

Oho! this reaction was bound to irk me, something I'd said half jokingly was being taken seriously and with such a negative stance. What's wrong with you wimmin? Who says we've first got to bear our fathers name, then when he gives, GIVES us away to another man, we then become their possession and become (correct title) Mrs husband's Christian name husband's surname, NOT even (incorrect title) Mrs our Christian name husband's surname. Are we still living in the dark ages?

Hmmm, not once was it suggested by anyone that my grumpy old man change his name. I could probably go for Hubert Fauntleroy Fitzpatrick Fotheringham Abbot - it gets me back to near the beginning of the alphabet instead of me always bringing up the rear, incidentally my initial won't change this time.

Anyway, if I do decide to change my name, it'll only be because it's even more hassle not to, and not because it's the EXPECTED or traditional thing to do. What most wimmin don't seem to realise is that the wedding certificate is NOT a legal document to say your name MUST change or HAS changed. No, it's just proof of the right to change it if we want to ... when we're ready ... you know, there's no rush ... when we get around to it ... and if it's owt like my divorce, sometime in the next decade or so ...

Friday, 3 August 2012

ASDA Island up for discussion

Something Is Afoot!

Apparently Paul Lynch (reporter for Ripley & Heanor News) was at one of the Parish council meetings and has picked up on our plight regarding the island, which was seemingly discussed, to what extent I'm not sure.
From what I can gather Councillor Kevin Parkinson has also fed him some information hopefully on our behalf.

Councillor Parkinson has requested a meeting with me in order to discuss the safety concerns.
Our meeting is to take place on Monday 6th August.
I would be very grateful if anyone can forward to me experiences of concern, problems using the island, even only if witnessed relating to collisions, near misses or confusion whether you were the driver, a passenger or pedestrian.

Any information will need to reach me no later than Monday 6th August at 4pm.

My email is: